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V/A PROCESS OF ELIMINATION- Comp. 7″EP (Touch & Go Records, USA, 1981)

processofe_front.jpgprocessofe_back.jpgHere’s some more mandatory HC for y’all: The legendary PROCESS OF ELIMINATION compilation from 1981. Three pressings exist. The main diferences between them (apart from diff. label adresses and inserts): First two have silver labels with big holes (first with red print, second with black; 500 made of each) and a third pressing had a small spindle hole and yellow labels.
As you can hear, this babe is very raw and primitive and very, very charming! Every song on this pearl sounds like it couldn’t be held back for only more second. All bands bursting out with power and passion! Meatmen and Violent Apathy never did much for me (except for the killer “La Bamba” cover of the latter on the band’s one and only 7″). McDonalds seemed to be more of a joke band, but I love the short “Miniature Golf” hymn so much. Same goes for Youth Patrol of whom we know little. Toxic Reasons deliver an early version of “Riot Squad” and if you’ve never been been in a full scale riot with that song in your head, you definitely missed something! The remaining big three are the Necros, Negative Approach and The Fix. The Fix blow everything through the roof with their brutal power! I didn’t include the latter two, because I think you should buy the two official re-releases from Touch & Go Records: The essential Negative Approach and the must-have The Fix anthologies! Buy them at once if you don’t have them!

NECROS: Bad Dream.mp3
MEATMEN: Meatmen Stomp.mp3
YOUTH PATROL: America’s Power.mp3
TOXIC REASONS: Riot Squad.mp3
VIOLENT APATHY: I can’t take it.mp3
McDONALDS: Miniature Golf.mp3
THE FIX: No Idols.mp3