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DECRY- s/t 7″EP (Insaneindustries, USA, 1983)

decry_front.jpgdecry_back.jpgOne of my favourite southern Californian HC bands were DECRY. This first 7″ has 4 songs, but boy, they leave you breathless. Aggressive, tight and very dark and negative tracks that cut deep into your flesh. The singer Farrel has got to be one of the best HC singers I ever heard and the blistering guitar by Andrew manages to blend typical west coach lead harmonies with “heavy without being metal” riffing – masterful! The band’s followup, the LP “Falling” was even slightly better than this. After that one, DECRY released “Japanese” which I remember having bought & sold practically at the same time, haha. Could be that it isn’t that bad after all – taste changes over the years, you know.
Rumor has it, there were only 300 of  this 7″ made.

Thanks to all who donated and made it possible, to make this going one more year!

Symptoms of Hate / Fight to survive.mp3
Strapped in.mp3
Sorority Girls.mp3