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DECRY- s/t 7″EP (Insaneindustries, USA, 1983)

decry_front.jpgdecry_back.jpgOne of my favourite southern Californian HC bands were DECRY. This first 7″ has 4 songs, but boy, they leave you breathless. Aggressive, tight and very dark and negative tracks that cut deep into your flesh. The singer Farrel has got to be one of the best HC singers I ever heard and the blistering guitar by Andrew manages to blend typical west coach lead harmonies with “heavy without being metal” riffing – masterful! The band’s followup, the LP “Falling” was even slightly better than this. After that one, DECRY released “Japanese” which I remember having bought & sold practically at the same time, haha. Could be that it isn’t that bad after all – taste changes over the years, you know.
Rumor has it, there were only 300 of  this 7″ made.

Thanks to all who donated and made it possible, to make this going one more year!

Symptoms of Hate / Fight to survive.mp3
Strapped in.mp3
Sorority Girls.mp3


  1. Eddie

    I saw these guys a few times in ’83. Once at the Cathay de Grande in Hollywood and at the Olympic in Downtown L.A. I ran into these guys once in ’89 and helped them score some pot. I remember Rodney on the Roq used to play the demo version of “Falling” and I wish Decry would release it cuz that was a killer version. I remembered Rodney used to say they were from Pasadena but they were actually from the Pomona area. Rodney always screwed up on band info and song titles cuz he was too busy feeling up underage girls. I’m surprised that guy never got busted.


    Posted on 26-Aug-07 at 19:13 | Permalink
  2. Admin

    Now that demo sounds very interesting! Anybody has it?


    Posted on 27-Aug-07 at 01:09 | Permalink
  3. ziggo

    hey thank you for this! one of my dream records. forever on my want lists! extremely hard to find. now i can at least burn me a cd-r. thanks so much for all. best blog in the world. unbeatable!


    Posted on 27-Aug-07 at 04:55 | Permalink
  4. Admin

    Ziggo: I don’t think it’s that rare. At least it’s not very highly priced. And thanks for the nice words.


    Posted on 27-Aug-07 at 05:03 | Permalink
  5. adamski

    Classic Californian hardcore. I love the fact that they didn’t feel the need to break the sound barrier.
    The Lp is probably a bit better, like you say, Erich. Powerful stuff indeed.
    Not heard the “Japanese” 12″, but from all accounts, it’s a total cock-rock record. Think I’ll stay away from that!!


    Posted on 27-Aug-07 at 10:40 | Permalink
  6. Federico

    Another great addition to the excellent blog. For those who want it on vinyl but cannot afford or find an original copy, it was bootlegged along 4 other classic Californian EPs (Battalion Of Saints, “half skull” compilation, Rebel Truth and Authorities) on one LP that at least until some years ago was pretty easy to find and quite cheap. Actually the concept of ‘4 old 7″s on a 12″‘ was great for latecomers like me, just wish they had compiled more of those.


    Posted on 27-Aug-07 at 12:23 | Permalink
  7. mrpoopy

    A decent EP but only hints at the greatness of the “Falling” LP. I actually remember being disappointed upon hearing this for the 1st time on the above-mentioned bootleg. I would call it a formative effort. The “Japan” LP can probably still be found in used-bins across the USA but I never bothered to pick it up, never even heard it and heard nothing but bad things about it. Next time I see it for cheap I’ll pick it up–it can’t be THAT bad!


    Posted on 27-Aug-07 at 13:52 | Permalink
  8. Eddie

    I heard the Jap LP on their discography cd and it was heavy metal garbage but ’85-’86 is when the crossover took place and I guess Decry wanted to join the trend. When I started going to gigs in late ’81 and if you had long hair, you’d get your ass kicked. I know that wasn’t cool back then but at the least the punks set their boundaries!


    Posted on 27-Aug-07 at 17:00 | Permalink
  9. Admin

    “set their bgoundaries” – haha, c’mon. People who beat up others for the length of their hair, color of their skin or taste of music are wankers. Unfortunately a lot of the the 2nd wave punks were exactly that: Little fascists with mohawks.


    Posted on 27-Aug-07 at 23:34 | Permalink
  10. I loved their “Falling” LP; great version of Sonic Reducer as well, that got me checking out the Dead Boys. The Adolescents must have been a huge influence on these guys though.


    Posted on 28-Aug-07 at 01:20 | Permalink
  11. First time I’m hearing this and though I like the LP I think this is way better.


    Posted on 28-Aug-07 at 11:19 | Permalink
  12. My ladyfriend has known Farrel since the 80s, they still talk…and the band is still going.


    Posted on 28-Aug-07 at 23:49 | Permalink
  13. Eddie

    Sean, how about asking your ladyfriend to ask Farrel to see about reissuing their demo recordings, preferably “Falling”.


    Posted on 29-Aug-07 at 14:05 | Permalink
  14. tumors ela

    decry was from los angeles’ san gabriel valley, specifically somewhere around the city of san gabriel and rosemead, if memory serves. with regards to their “japanese” record, it’s important to note that l.a.’s punk scene was going through an interesting transformative period, with a lot of the earlier bands trying to branch out and try other things besides the hardcore that had been the basis of the scene since 79/80 — black flag by then had fully embraced grateful dead-inspired jam-metal; youth brigade changed their name to the brigade and dipped their toes into the same U2 puddle that 7 seconds was swimming in; the vandals started their slide into suckdom by trying to cash into the whole “cowpunk” trend started by bands like blood on the saddle; vegas transplants m.i.a. slowed things down and started making with the artsy guitar-pop noodling; sin 34 mutated into painted willie; and so on. others took cues from the joneses and started leaning toward punk’s glam past and making a scene-within-a-scene at places like scream club and bordello. like a reformed tsol, decry fell into the latter camp and “japanese” was the result…. this post-hardcore/neo-glam scene reached its apex when a group comprised of former members of bands l.a. guns and hollywood rose took the name guns ‘n’ roses and made millions with their debut. tons of other bands followed in their wake (not to mention motley crue who incorporated the glam influence into their leather-fetish metal persona)and then the whole thing went completely to shit and now we have bret michaels starring on a dating show in vh1…….


    Posted on 09-Sep-07 at 15:06 | Permalink
  15. Admin

    Thanks a lot tumors Ela for the insightful and necessary context!


    Posted on 09-Sep-07 at 22:50 | Permalink

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