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YDI- A Place in the Sun 7″EP (Bloodbubble Records, USA, 1983)

ydi_front.jpgydi_back.jpgI never understood the Mussolini reference of YDI (“why die”). The record title quotes a famous sentence of Italy’s fascist dictator Benisso Mussolini, he coined when Italy’s army attacked Aethiopia in 1935 in order to turn it into a colony. That event was satyrically portrayed by german artist and communist John Heartfield in one of his political photomontages. Heartfield was one of the first artists to make use of the photomontage technique and employed it heavily as part of the fight against nationalsocialism. His motto was: Use photography as weapon. It’s a shame, I think, the YDI cover doesn’t name the artist anywhere. They just say “Thanks especially to Mussolini for the title” in the thankslist. How come?

But anyway, this is one helluva brutal record. It’s actually one of the hardest hitting earlier HC records I can think of. They basically have one riff they’re shredding – but it sure does monstrously! YDI came from Philadelphia. After this EP, they released one LP called “Black Dust” which was famous for its incredibly cheesy pictures of band members and very, I mean VERY bad bad bad metal music. You know, I have more than just a soft spot for Meddl, but seriously, that LP is one disgrace.
Yesterday, a copy of this sold for 305$ on Ebay. I think it has to do with the groups short live clip in “American Hardcore”.

25 $ of donations for the annual costs (hosting and registration) are still receivable. I supply the music, knowledge and time and you the basic costs. In return, you’ll allow yourself and thousands more to make use of this collection of great and hard to find music. Even though this blog is being read globally (that’s why I’m mangling english), the vast majority of donations come from one country, by the way. Thank y’all for the support! And, since I’m feeling a bit hippiesque at this very moment (must be YDI) – getting comments with additional info or just some insight in how others react to the music you love is probably the reason why people put so much work into blogs, especially people of age who would rather start drinking a glass of their own piss every morning than going on shows or discussing music with post-pubertarian little fuckers with baseball hats and chains around their necks. Oops, what had started out in a hippie tone ended on a punk note. Grrreat.

Not Shit.mp3
Mad at the World.mp3
Out for Blood.mp3
Another Day.mp3
Get up & fight / Zombie Youth.mp3
Why die?.mp3