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YOUTH BRIGADE- Sink with California 7″ (A.A. & B.Y.O., Japan, ca. 1984)

yb_japfront.jpgyb_japback.jpgBoth tracks are well known and have been released before, but still, this YOUTH BRIGADE (Cali) 7″ is a winner. I remember people didn’t like the bands 7″ (from which the b-side song is taken), but I always loved it. The cover of this is superb too, as always with japanese releases. So, here’s another one for your wantlists and one of my most beloved vinyl oddities. And “Sink with California”, after all these years, still makes me sing long in a jolly good mood.

Here’s the gospel again: Please consider a donation before downloading. I do the work and supply the jewels, you do the housing costs. 30$ remain to be collected and you’re saved for another year!

Sink with California.mp3
Who can you believe in.mp3


  1. paul

    I’ve never seen this one before! I guess it’s official if you say so and not some bootleg. What about the Youth Brigade / 7 Seconds flexi I’ve seen on some wantlists in the 80s?


    Posted on 19-Aug-07 at 22:52 | Permalink
  2. xavier

    you should post again No Thanks are yu ready to die 7″


    Posted on 20-Aug-07 at 12:00 | Permalink
  3. I used to have that YB/7Seconds flexi way back– both previously released songs, and it came in a UK fanzine with a then-atypical focus on American hardcore. For some reason the name “Black & White” comes to mind, but no guarantee that means anything.


    Posted on 20-Aug-07 at 18:22 | Permalink
  4. Admin

    The Flexi was issued by “Black White” (which was a London based zine) and BYO. It’s a beautiful little gemm, on red “vinyl” and with a paper sleeve. It has Youth Brigade’s “Sink with Fornicalia” and 7 Seconds’ “Colorblind”. I might post it one day just for the hell of it.
    Both bands later morphed into Rammstein, by the way.


    Posted on 20-Aug-07 at 22:33 | Permalink
  5. Eddie

    I’m from the L.A. hardcore scene and if there was one band who played too much in ’82-86, it was Youth Brigade! They were fun to watch the first few years but then I got sick of them playing the same tunes. I also got sick of seeing Social Distortion, Circle Jerks, and Bad Religion.


    Posted on 22-Aug-07 at 22:28 | Permalink
  6. Michael Flores

    Can you repost the link for the bigger Sink With California picture!!


    Posted on 09-Oct-09 at 20:21 | Permalink
  7. Im lucky enough to own one


    Posted on 15-Sep-10 at 07:42 | Permalink
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