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YOUTH BRIGADE- Sink with California 7″ (A.A. & B.Y.O., Japan, ca. 1984)

yb_japfront.jpgyb_japback.jpgBoth tracks are well known and have been released before, but still, this YOUTH BRIGADE (Cali) 7″ is a winner. I remember people didn’t like the bands 7″ (from which the b-side song is taken), but I always loved it. The cover of this is superb too, as always with japanese releases. So, here’s another one for your wantlists and one of my most beloved vinyl oddities. And “Sink with California”, after all these years, still makes me sing long in a jolly good mood.

Here’s the gospel again: Please consider a donation before downloading. I do the work and supply the jewels, you do the housing costs. 30$ remain to be collected and you’re saved for another year!

Sink with California.mp3
Who can you believe in.mp3