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SUBHUMANS- Firing Squad 7″ (Quintessence, Canada, 1980)

subhumans_firingfront.jpgsubhumans_firingback.jpgsubhumans_firinginnner.jpgsubhumans_firinginner2.jpgThis 2nd 7″ by SUBHUMANS is, together with the legendary 2nd LP “No Wishes No Prayers”, the bands highlight. The band had “matured” musically – the raw Punkness of the first 7″, the selftitled 12″ and the masterly “Incorrect Thoughts” had gone (the last two, by the way, are worth having alone for their cover artwork). The music was a bit calmer, the melancholic parts were more accentuated. The results are timeless: “No Productivity” or the insanly sad sounding “Firing Squad” – who could say which is better?
As you can see, the 7″ came in a cover and a printed innersleeve. You see it often being sold in either one of them, but rarely complete.

Before downloading, consider making a donation (see left sidebar for donations button). 80$ out of the 120$ have been collected (thank you all!). 40$ more and another year of good bad music is upon you!

Firing Squad.mp3
No Productivity.mp3