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SUBHUMANS- Firing Squad 7″ (Quintessence, Canada, 1980)

subhumans_firingfront.jpgsubhumans_firingback.jpgsubhumans_firinginnner.jpgsubhumans_firinginner2.jpgThis 2nd 7″ by SUBHUMANS is, together with the legendary 2nd LP “No Wishes No Prayers”, the bands highlight. The band had “matured” musically – the raw Punkness of the first 7″, the selftitled 12″ and the masterly “Incorrect Thoughts” had gone (the last two, by the way, are worth having alone for their cover artwork). The music was a bit calmer, the melancholic parts were more accentuated. The results are timeless: “No Productivity” or the insanly sad sounding “Firing Squad” – who could say which is better?
As you can see, the 7″ came in a cover and a printed innersleeve. You see it often being sold in either one of them, but rarely complete.

Before downloading, consider making a donation (see left sidebar for donations button). 80$ out of the 120$ have been collected (thank you all!). 40$ more and another year of good bad music is upon you!

Firing Squad.mp3
No Productivity.mp3


  1. aaron

    I used to think old SUBHUMANS were superior to the bands later releases. Now I downloaded these two songs and seee I was so wrong. Incredibly great songwriting and like you said: so melancholic and sad. Thanks a heap for showing me!


    Posted on 19-Aug-07 at 02:21 | Permalink
  2. lee

    somebody is selling this on ebay, missing the actual pinkish cover.

    this guy should clearify the cover’s missing.


    Posted on 19-Aug-07 at 03:33 | Permalink
  3. Didn’t this band evolve in that anarchist band who released the Cradle From The Grave?

    Marvelous record.


    Posted on 19-Aug-07 at 12:46 | Permalink
  4. From the Cradle to the Grave. Sorry!


    Posted on 19-Aug-07 at 12:49 | Permalink
  5. This band is great. I think that pretty much every release is great. Even the one that came out last year or whatever. Great.


    Posted on 19-Aug-07 at 19:11 | Permalink
  6. Lee

    Reminds me of the Dils.


    Posted on 21-Aug-07 at 09:30 | Permalink
  7. Admin

    Of course this is purly subjective, Lee. But rankly, I can’t hear the slightest bit of the Dils in the Subhumans.
    Anyway – hope you enjoy it.


    Posted on 21-Aug-07 at 11:24 | Permalink
  8. Cinderfella

    Not only was the Subhumans rekirds great but when they blowed shit up IT BLOWED UP REEEEAL GOOOOOOOD!!!


    Posted on 22-Aug-07 at 21:58 | Permalink
  9. Eddie

    Will you please post Wards – Ripped Off in Boston EP.


    Posted on 22-Aug-07 at 22:33 | Permalink
  10. scott beadle

    This is the Vancouver, BC, Canada Subhumans, not the UK one, who came later. This single sounds cleaner & better produced, but it actually came out before their debut album Incorrect Thoughts. The band hated the single production and re-recorded Firing Squad for the album, which wasnt on Quintessence but on rival Friends label. I tire of Firing Squad, but for many it is their fave. I think No Prod is an underrated lost classic. These versions were available briefly on a Subhumans retrospective CD Pissed Off With Good Reason, on No Means No label, but sadly it’s out of print! In my opinion, this single and the 2nd album No Wishes are inferior to the debut album and first ultra-rare single. Regarding the single, Death To The Sickoids (only 500 pressed by band) it is a different version than their debut album. However, the original single version was included on the Vancouver Complication album, along with original version of Urban Guerillas (which was re-recorded for debut album as well). Now those old tracks are available on CD reissue of Complication on DOA’s Sudden Death label, see their website. Thanks for posting!


    Posted on 27-Aug-07 at 14:46 | Permalink
  11. Admin

    Thanks for the info and your thoughts, Scott! Didn’t realize this 7″ came before the LP.
    PS: The reference Peter made to the UK Subhumans was a joke.


    Posted on 27-Aug-07 at 15:25 | Permalink
  12. Davis

    Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog

    before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be
    bookmarking and checking back



    Posted on 25-Feb-13 at 21:10 | Permalink

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