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NAPALM- Tolle! 7″EP (Moderne Musik, Germany, 1980)

napalm_front.jpgnapalm_front.jpg30 years ago, my mom sat in front of the radio with tears in her eyes: “Elvis is dead!”. And now, you can’t open one newspaper or watch 10 minutes telly without reading or hearing silly stories about “the king”.
Well – Germany’s NAPALM (who later morphed into Napalm Death) released a great mockery of Teds in the year of 1980 – “Tolle” (“hair flip”). They had another 7″ one or two years later which was very much UK influenced HC, but this one is where it’s at. I don’t understnd what he’s singing in “Tolle”, but it makes me burst out in laughter whenever I put it on. Great piss take. “Skinhead” is great too – the vocals gt so damn annoying with all the reverb. Totally punk.

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Happy Sunday.mp3