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TOZIBABE- s/t 7″EP (FV, Yugoslavia, 1986)

tozibabe_front.jpgtozibabe_back.jpgGloomy female HC of the metal-free sort – TOZIBABE were one Yugoslavia’s best bands in my books. Their songs on the essential “Hardcore Ljubljana” comp LP (released in 1985; recently re-released from what I heard) were amazing and admitedly better than the four songs on this last sign of life by them. Still, it’s a smasher of a platter and a scarce find. Let’s hope they did get through the bloody civil wars and without turning onto nationalism (like so many of their contemporaries did).
The cheesy synthie-bells intro is so great, and overall, the vocals fit in very well (which isn’t always the case with female vocals in HC). Listen for yourselves.