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URINALS- s/t 7″EP (Happy Squid Records, USA, 1978)

urinals_front.jpgurinals_back.jpgurinalsvinyla.jpgurinals_vinylb.jpgI just compared the sound of this original 7″ to the version on the URINALS discography CD on Amphetamine Reptile. I don’t know the reasons why and how and why not and all – but the sound of the vinyl is definitely better, warmer, richer, fuller, whatthefucker.
We’ve had the 3rd URINALS 7″ (“Sex”) and the sought-after comp EP from Happy Squid on this little blog of mine last year and now it’s time to turn on some new folks on URINALS, cause, as incredibly as it may sound, there’s still a many of rock’n’rollers who haven’t heard this most phantastic, outstanding, earthshaking and diddleshattering band that ever stepped out of any garage. This 7″ was the bands debut. It was released in the year of 1978, when I, being the wimp that I am, ran to my local record store to buy a copy of that grim looking AC/DC lp displayed in the shop windows, with some screaming guy on it who had cables instead of hands and I tell you, that was the right decision for a teenager. As right as it would have been to buy the URINALS in cold winter, lovely springtime, hot summer or turbulent fall days of that year. Now there will be these little pricks telling you that it isn’t cool and never was, to buy AC/DC albums and how Punkrock is blablabla. Fuck ’em all. Be a happy squid – there’s not much more to it.
I order to fully honor the do-it-yourself-spirit of the URINALS, I’m going to include label scans. Love the idea of marking the “red side” with red fingerprints. Wonder how many of these were originally made. I believe to remember different sleeve colors. Anybody?
And, yes – Last Days of Man on Earth is about one of the greatest blogs around.

Dead Flowers.mp3
Last Days of Man on Earth.mp3
Surfin’ with the Shah.mp3