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THE NOW- Into the 80s, c/w 9 o’clock 7" (Raw Records, UK, 1979)

thenow_front.jpgthenow_back.jpgRepost from August 30 2006. Thought this would fit perfectly. Songs freshly ripped.

What can I say about this? It’s just incredibly good, cuts straight through you as you were made out of butter or, if it catches you in a particularly emotional moment (that even a punkrocker sometimes allows him- or herself to have), it makes you sit around starring out of the windows with shiny eyes. Sob.
Recorded in 1977, not released until 1979. Unfortunately, a large portion of the pressing was destroyed in a fire, so this is the rarest of all the Raw releases. Some friendly folks decided to repress this pearl of all pearls not long ago but even that is hard to come by nowadays. Well, good people like me are here to help, aren’t they? And now, before you listen to the two songs of this 7″, you go to the bands official website and then you’ll go and donate a bit to keep this going, ‘right?

Into the 80’s.mp3
Nine o’clock.mp3