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NECROS- s/t 7″EP (Touch & Go Records, USA, 1981)

necros_front.jpgnecros_back.jpg«Midwest, midwest time to go / I’d stay but it’s so fucking slow / Stupid people’s all I know / I.Q. 32 I..Q. 32 / Stupid corn all in rows / Sit around and watch it grow / You’ve got nothing left to show / I.Q. 32 I.Q. 32 / Midwest fuck you»

I grew up in a shithole myself and the lyrics to “I.Q. 32” (after which this 2nd NECROS 7″ is commenly being titled) were so easy for me to relate to. Often hailed as the “fastest band on earth” in the 80s, the NECROS were – and are, in my books – are a phenomenon of their own. I knew a lot of people who couldn’t get into them really because of the wimpy guitar sound and the little “punch” the NECROS’ sound has. I admit the times I play their records have become scarce in the past 20 years of my life. I guess, the NECROS (and that goes for many other early real HC bands) just had their time (which was luckily for a short period mine also). I never understood why on earth they did that “Tangled up” LP back then, but retrospectively, they were right to do that. As that guy at the end of “American Hardcore” says: “It’s over. Go home now”.
After ripping this slab some minutes ago, I came to the conclusion that it is the bands best effort. I think I will stick to this forever now. Sure, the first 7″ is charming (and if I had the original press of it, I’m sure I’d call it the best, haha), the LP rips (though HC LPs tend to be a bit boring) and the 3rd 7″ is a good blast. But, seriously, this is it. It doesn’t get much better than this. You know.

I.Q. 32.mp3
Youth Camp.mp3
Peer Pressure.mp3
Race Riot.mp3
I hate my School.mp3
Past comes back to haunt me.mp3
Public High School.mp3