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Monthly Archives: August 2007

V/A PROCESS OF ELIMINATION- Comp. 7″EP (Touch & Go Records, USA, 1981)


Here’s some more mandatory HC for y’all: The legendary PROCESS OF ELIMINATION compilation from 1981. Three pressings exist. The main diferences between them (apart from diff. label adresses and inserts): First two have silver labels with big holes (first with red print, second with black; 500 made of each) and a third pressing had a […]

UNDERDOG- s/t 7″EP (New Beginning Records, USA, 1986)


A lot of people seem to have a strange fascination with this record. When UNDERDOG released their first 7″ on New Beginning (famous for the incredibly funny Crippled Youth 7″ which I one day shall post for the lyrics alone), everybody seemed to either love or hate this. I will confess that I belonged to […]

DECRY- s/t 7″EP (Insaneindustries, USA, 1983)


One of my favourite southern Californian HC bands were DECRY. This first 7″ has 4 songs, but boy, they leave you breathless. Aggressive, tight and very dark and negative tracks that cut deep into your flesh. The singer Farrel has got to be one of the best HC singers I ever heard and the blistering […]

YDI- A Place in the Sun 7″EP (Bloodbubble Records, USA, 1983)


I never understood the Mussolini reference of YDI (“why die”). The record title quotes a famous sentence of Italy’s fascist dictator Benisso Mussolini, he coined when Italy’s army attacked Aethiopia in 1935 in order to turn it into a colony. That event was satyrically portrayed by german artist and communist John Heartfield in one of […]

YOUTH BRIGADE- Sink with California 7″ (A.A. & B.Y.O., Japan, ca. 1984)


Both tracks are well known and have been released before, but still, this YOUTH BRIGADE (Cali) 7″ is a winner. I remember people didn’t like the bands 7″ (from which the b-side song is taken), but I always loved it. The cover of this is superb too, as always with japanese releases. So, here’s another […]

SUBHUMANS- Firing Squad 7″ (Quintessence, Canada, 1980)


This 2nd 7″ by SUBHUMANS is, together with the legendary 2nd LP “No Wishes No Prayers”, the bands highlight. The band had “matured” musically – the raw Punkness of the first 7″, the selftitled 12″ and the masterly “Incorrect Thoughts” had gone (the last two, by the way, are worth having alone for their cover […]

NAPALM- Tolle! 7″EP (Moderne Musik, Germany, 1980)


30 years ago, my mom sat in front of the radio with tears in her eyes: “Elvis is dead!”. And now, you can’t open one newspaper or watch 10 minutes telly without reading or hearing silly stories about “the king”. Well – Germany’s NAPALM (who later morphed into Napalm Death) released a great mockery of […]

VANALLES & NOGWATT- s/t 7″EP (Small Punx Records, Holland, 1983)


Actually, I wanted to post MAD SOCIETY’s 7″ (L.A. band) who were famous for their 13 years old singer. But after I ripped it, I thought, no way – that record just sucks and if I’m in the mood for some youthful joy, I’d better stick to this. VANALLES & NOGWATT’s one and only vinyl […]

TOZIBABE- s/t 7″EP (FV, Yugoslavia, 1986)


Gloomy female HC of the metal-free sort – TOZIBABE were one Yugoslavia’s best bands in my books. Their songs on the essential “Hardcore Ljubljana” comp LP (released in 1985; recently re-released from what I heard) were amazing and admitedly better than the four songs on this last sign of life by them. Still, it’s a […]

METAL URBAIN- Paris Maquis 7″ (Rough Trade, UK, 1977)


Most people don’t know that the first Rough Trade release was in fact from a french band – METAL URBAIN (who had released a self financed 7″ shortly before). And what a 7″ that is! Makes every other french band sound like the Beach Boys in comparison. Easily the best early french punk single. So […]