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V/A FLOWERS FROM THE DUSTBIN – A SYDNEY COMPILATION- Comp. LP (Aberrant Records, Australia, 1983)

p1060509.JPGp1060508.JPGLast year, I posted the incredible “Not so Humdrum” Comp. LP, which was actually the second in a series of three essential australian Punk comps. “Flowers from the Dustbin” was the first, released in 1983. All the bands on this rare compilation have vanished into obscurity, but I seem to remember, that POSITIVE HATRED later turned into THE HAPPY HATE ME NOTS (who were on the 2nd Aberrant comp).
So what we have here is a fine example of an early regional compilation of bands of the 2nd wave of Punk. No HC here, interestingly, but some of the definitely UK-Puznk influenced bands come close. Impossible to pick faves – be it VELLOCETTES, WHAT?!!. THE KELPIES, POSITIVE HATRED, QUEEN ANNE’S REVENGE, BOX OF FISH or WORLD WAR XXIV – every band just fits.
All in all, I wouldn’t say this is as great as “Not so Humdrum” (which is one of my fave comps ever!), but the fact that these are all totally unknown bands (at least outside of Australia) makes this another priceless document of time. As always, our readers (and the editor) would love to hear more from those involved. Please share your stories.

The postersleeve folds out into this huge poster:

I’ve packed the whole thing into one zip file. You can get it by clicking here (hold your right mouse button down and “save target”).

Side A:
THE KELPIES- Television.mp3
POSITIVE HATRED- In tune with living.mp3
WORLD WAR XXIV- Heart Attack.p3
BOX OF FISH- The good, the bad, the ugly.mp3
WHAT?!!- Toys out of control.mp3
QUEEN ANNE’S REVENGE- 25 hour hoods.mp3
POSITIVE HATRED- No one you can trust.mp3

Side B:
WORLD WAR XXIV- 5 to 9.mp3
WHAT?!!- Campell’s song.mp3
THE KELPIES. My wall.mp3
BOX OF FISH- Our father.mp3
QUEEN ANNE’S REVENGE- Cathode ray gun.mp3
WHAT?!!- 20 t-bones.mp3
VELLOCETTE- Black cloud.mp3
POSITIVE HATRED- Think about tomorrow.mp3
THE KELPIES- Truro murders.mp3