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ANTISECT- Hello there … How’s Life? Live LP (Graven Image Records, USA, 1991)

p1060503.JPGp1060504.JPGNot much needs to be said about ANTISECT – the demos and the LP (“In Darkness there’s no Choice”) are classics, the 7″ was a big letdown though. There’s also an official Live LP (“Peace is better than a Place in History”) – but this one here is much better, methinks. Recorded in 1984. Not sure, but I think this is a bootleg. It’s quite rare.
There are no sperated tracks on the vinyl, so I had to simply split both sides into two big files.p1060505.JPG

Side A: Intro / They / Tortured and abused / Yet they still ignore / Education or Indoctrination.mp3
Side B: The World’s bigggest runt / In Darkness / Heresy / The Buck stops here.mp3