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WENDY & LEMMY- Stand by your Man, c/w No Class 7″ (Bronze, UK, 1982)

wendylemmy_front.jpgwendylemmy_back.jpgThe infamous LEMMY / WENDY O. WILLIAMS (singer of the PLASMATICS) join-venture. I wouldn’t excactly call this one glorious moment in the history of music, but I still dig it. Must be the memories, I guess – MOTÖRHEAD tore shit up still in 82 still and the PLASMATICS were one helluva live band.
It’s actually quite intriguing, how such a noisy, messy record could make it into public. How they manage to tear “Stand by your Man” apart while still rocking, wow, that’s well done. Try that nowadays ….

Stand by your Maaaaan.mp3
No Class.mp3