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BEDBOYS- L’Indifferenca uccide …. 7″ EP (Suoni di Pace, Italy, 1985)


Repost from one of my first postings, March 2006: Soundfiles freshly ripped and added in full. Mandatory music. You’ll know after 5 seconds whether you’ll hate or love it. The emotions I emulate when listening to the incredible guitar parts of BEDBOYS are about the closest thing in my life to what others would call a “religious experience”.

Although being super-p.c. pacifists, I think BEDBOYS released one of the top european 7″s ever. Little seems to be known about the band and as far as I know this 7″ is the bands only vinyl appearance ever. BEDBOYS came from Torino.
Italy had an immensly creative Punk and HC scene with an incredibly high rate of killer records among the vinyl and tape output between 1983 and 1986. Bands like WRETCHED or DECLINO, IMPACT or INDIGESTI have been getting international attention lately but still italian HC seems to be dominated, as far as public recognition goes, by the likes of RAW POWER and NEGAZIONE. All of them great bands (even though the latter two started to suck the big one later in their career), but BEDBOYS is a caliber of its own!
Fuzzy guitars, totally out in space, calm and melodramatic or powerful and rich, when the song structure demands it. Simple and kinda sloppy drumming, basic basslines and a somehow held back voice added and you’ve got exactly that kind of tone you may also be familiar with from bands like THE MOB (U.K.), ZOUNDS (U.K.), THE NOW (U.K.), early EMBARASSMENT (U.S.A) oder NUCLEAR SOCKETTS (U.K.). Music that is dominated by a deeply somber overall tone (I never really found a better metaphor for these sounds). Even when a band like the BEDBOYS tries to sound combative, they still seem to surrender immediately and turn inside in. Exceptional music for people with not only taste but also patience! A must have, nuff said.
Lots of background noise, especially in the first track. It gets better.

Se un Giorno accadesse ….. mp3
Potere fottuto.mp3
Costretti a subire.mp3
Pace non vuol dire solo niente Guerra!.mp3
Violenza no!.mp3
Distruggi il Potere.mp3
Vivere, non sopravvivere!.mp3