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V/A KILLED BY DEATH- Vol. 13 LP (“Redrum”, USA, ca. 1995)

p1060492.JPGp1060493.JPGThis is the most elusive of all the KBD comps. Not only does this one pop up rarely, it’s also one of the best of the series, with its crazy compilation of Californian Tape-only releases from between 1978 and 1983. So what you get here are great songs by SNOT PUPPIES, THE BLOWDRIVERS, CASTRATION SQUAD, FRIED ABORTIONS, THE SCREAMERS, THE FEEDERZ, NAKED LADY WRESTLERS, WASP WOMEN, TARTS, DER STAB, CITIZEN FEAR, INVERTED TRIANGLE and TANKS. I love the whole thing, but if I had to name the standouts, I’d say the incredible SNOT PUPPIES, the mandatory SCREAMERS and the unearthly DER STAB are taking the cake here. And,fuck, CITIZEN FEAR rip it up too. If you’re into wild, raunchy and rough experimental Punk, this will blow your mind!

Mine is on black vinyl, but I’ve heard of a colored wax edition of this one too. Beautiful fully colored labels, by the way.

For a change, I packed the whole comp into one zip file. You can download it by clicking here.

I’m not saying more here, but let the backcover linernotes speak (click to enlarge):