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MYSTERY DATES- s/t 7″EP (Beehive Records, USA, 1982)

mysterydates_front.jpgmysterydates_back.jpgMYSTERY DATES were from San Antonio, Texas and released 3 7″s (one of them came out posthumously and had previously unreleased material. It’s said to be the best the bands best and I would agree on that).

There’s nothing I can tell you about the band or its history – I’ll leave that up to you. The 5 songs on the debut 7″ range from great to so-so qualitywise. “Mystery Date” has that typical Texas-mood to it, a catchy lead guitar and heavily focussed on the chorus. It’s the hit song here, no question. “All or nothing” has that crime-story-soundtrack thing going and whenever a song does that trick, I can’t resist to its kitsch-factor. “Silk Stocking” and “(Don’t wanna) Grow up” are a bit too 70s-rock for me. “World War III (is calling me)” leans toward the more HC sound, fast and tight and the dry rhythm section makes me think of Really Red a bit.
The back of the cover is water damaged, as you can see.

Mystery Date.mp3
All or Nothing.mp3
Silk Stocking.mp3
(Don’t wanna) Grow up.mp3
World War III (is calling me).mp3