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NEOS- End all discrimination 7″EP (Alanandhiscar, Canada, 1982

neos_front.jpgneos_back.jpgSometimes, you just have to live far off of the rest of the world to make good bad music. NEOS were 3 youngsters living in Victoria, B.C., which indeed isn’t exactly the center of the world. Formed in late 1979, the band released only 2 7″s in its lifetime, this being the first, released in early 1982.

Very rough, fast and noisy for the time, this 7″ just amazes me whenever I put it on. Although the band isn’t as focussed as on its followup, the power and freshness is overwhelming. There’s so much enthusiasm engrooved in this piece of vinyl, that the sparks still fly. The songs (or, as they call it on the insert: “noise”) were all composed between December 1979 and 1981 and indeed the newer the songs get, the faster and wilder they are and “I hate U / Don’t need U” could have been on the 2nd 7″. Wonderful!

The back cover states Rob Wright as producer and sound engineer and I tend to believe it’s Rob of NOMEANSNO. As you can see, the rhythm tracks were recorded in 1981 already, making this one of the earliest rough HC records ever made.

500 made. Besides this copy with the green sleeve, I’ve also seen a white sleeve. There seems to be an orange sleeve version as well (like the first Skrewdriver 12″, haha), but I’ve never seen it.
As always, I tried to reproduce the original recording as exactly as possible, only cutting out obvious blank recording space. On some songs, it was hard to decide where to seprate though. It sounds like the majority of this songs were recorded live in one take and they just kept the tape rolling.

Fascist Rule.mp3
No Tyme 4 Romance.mp3
School Punks.mp3
Kill the Burnouts.mp3
Churchgoers Motive.mp3
Goodbye 4 Life / Scared to die.mp3
Racist Act.mp3
Life Sentence.mp3
Don’t want to be.mp3