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YOUTH BRIGADE- Possible 7"EP (Dischord, USA, 1981)

youthbrigade_front.jpgyouthbrigade_back.jpgHell, I thought I’d just follow Peters example and post my favourite Dischord 7″.
YOUTH BRIGADE, much like VOID, to me epitomize the “Hardcore” label. Simple music, simple lyrics and a guaranteed slap in the face. A wall of sound that made bands like YOUTH BRIGADE or VOID kinda famous and that still works. Unlike TEEN IDLES and THE UNTOUCHABLES, the bands two of the members had been in before, YOUTH BRIGADE are way more aggressive. In MINOR THREAT, MacKaye’s unbearable singing style ruins the music for me to this day. I can’t stand the man singing, really. That’s why I didn’t buy the first MINOR THREAT 7″ but picked VENOM’s 7″ instead, when I had to decide which one to buy from the little money I had as a teenager. Had I picked MT, would my life have been better? You tell me.
PS: They didn’t carry YOUTH BRIGADE at the shop in 1981. I think, I still might have bought VENOM. Haha.

1000 copies made of this. Rereleased on “Four old 7 Inches on a 12 Inch” (the CD version is called “A year in 7 Inches”). The sound on the comp. LP is much cleaner than on the original 7″. But since the 7″ is pressed on cheap vinyl and plays noisy I ripped it from the 12″ comp – but only on the 7″, you will find that very short outro thing, called “No Song II”. Here it is. Enjoy.

“I thought we all wanted something new
why did it end up the same
Don’t you know it’s up to you
you have got to make the change

I’m sick of things the way they are
I’m sick of things the way they are
I’m sick of things the way they are
It’s about time that we had a change (…).”

It’s about Time that we had a Change.mp3
Full Speed ahead.mp3
Point of View.mp3
Barbed Wire.mp3
Pay no Attention.mp3
Wrong Decision.mp3
No Song.mp3
No Song II.mp3


  1. Anonymous

    i love this 7″! bought it directly from the singer at a gig in dc but lost it when moving to europe in 1988. great finding it here!

    the frozen egg


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  2. xed

    Grrrrreat! How about the DEADLINE 12″?


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  3. Slobodan Burgher

    VOID is the penultimate HC band in my opinion. Sounds like shit and singer is right-on! And they had the best logo too with the upsidedown + rigthsideup crosses.

    Venom rules. Screw Minor Threat.

    And post some more of your goddamn Amebix bootleg you old scoundrell!



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  4. Anonymous

    So great! Danke!


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  5. Oliver / Cult Punk

    Eh, two people weighing in to dis Minor Threat, in order to praise Youth Brigade? I’m a major old DC hardcore fanatic, and *love* Void and this post’s subject, Youth Brigade. But I don’t feel like Minor Threat have to be torn down in order to enjoy them. It’s MacKaye’s drill sergeant singing style that to me, when I first heard a Minor Threat EP so many years ago, really shouted out (no pun intended) that _this_ was hardcore, pure and simple. And I still see Minor Threat as one of the key purist American hardcore bands; the vocals are a cherry on top, and don’t detract.

    Having said that, Youth Brigade and Void still kick a lot of ass, too.


    Posted on 05-Jul-07 at 15:46 | Permalink
  6. SwePete

    Nice to see you back in business, Mr Keller!! I had nearly forgotten about Youth Brigade. That is a shame, I must repent. I sentence myself to drink a bottle of Beer. Oh weh, poor me… It serves me right to suffer. In my opinion. MT have stood the test of time; VOID have not. Tedious, tedious unt so weiter.


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  7. mosh

    if you don’t have anything nice to say……..


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  8. swepete

    Talking to me?


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  9. Tom

    I like VENOM but I don’t think you can easily decide which to choose when deciding over hardcore over something like Venom back in the day unless you were more into metal. I hated metal as a punk and most metalheads hated punk/hc too in the 80’s and I think most other punks would agree. As a kid I think I related more to a very aggressive youthful shave headed facial hair free guy like Ian than a spandex pants wearing adult long hair guy like Kronos. And all the Satanic imagery I saw as stupid, even though I was for the most part athiest.


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  10. Simon

    Venom’s a goofy good time that’s amusing and occasionally rocking now as it was in 1985, but such a contrived mess has nothing on the sheer brilliance and genuine, enduring rage of Minor Threat.


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  11. Erich

    I knew it – whenever I said something not so nice about MT, people would get upset. Haha.

    Okay, okay, I can live with the two MT eps now – it’s just whenever I put them on, I think to myself “shut up” (“drill seargeant” – that really sums it up). That’s the problem: To me (and that’s totally subjective), MacKaye has become a figure rather than a singer over the past years.
    And I have to admit, thinking about it, that as a teen, I took Venom’s imagery serious. To me, attacking christianity worked much better when I was in puberty. I remember when we spray painted a church in the early 80s – it caused so much trouble, it was “punk” to me and maybe did more for me in “growing up” than following a drill seargeant.
    The whole Venom thing was totally over by 1983 though though, when I first saw them in person, and in Feb 84, when they played (with MEtallica openening) in Zurich. They were just a bunch of clowns and music had become a drag.


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  12. Erich

    PS: That’s the good thing about not being a teenie anymore: You don’t have to play the black and white game anymore.


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  13. Peter - KBD Records

    “I knew it – whenever I said something not so nice about MT, people would get upset. Haha.” Ha ha I think that applies when you dis ANY HC band. People who’s die hard HC fans tend to be as sensitive as little girls if you talk shit about the genre or just express your opinion about certain bands.

    That’s why HC checked out on me. To quot Ian in American Hardcore.


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  14. Peter - KBD Records

    Ops! Forget to tell you that this is a great post. One of the best at Dischord.


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  15. Erich

    Yeah, Peter – I know that some people tend to be a bit too sensitive. I would’t deny the fact that such issues can be touchy sometimes (after all, there wasn’t one day in my life that had passed without me playing music or at least playing music in my head by remembering merry tunes). But playing out Venom against MT in terms of which one’s funnier is a bit odd, really. Haha.

    PS: Which are your fave DISCHORD bands?


    Posted on 06-Jul-07 at 04:15 | Permalink
  16. Peter - KBD Records

    It’s just music anyway. Are people into books this way too?

    Anyway, my all time fave band on Dischord is Scream. Still Screaming is an LP I just can’t get tired of. Can’t think of one bad track.


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  17. Erich

    I never REALLY got into SCREAM. I guess I’ll have to give that LP some spinnin’ right now.
    I just came home from a record shop where I bought a bunch of old Metal and Johnny Cash lps, haha.


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  18. Anonymous

    I used to have this seven inch myself but lost it when it was stolen by UFO occupants!


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  19. Simon

    “Ha ha I think that applies when you dis ANY HC band. People who’s die hard HC fans tend to be as sensitive as little girls if you talk shit about the genre or just express your opinion about certain bands.”

    I get this, but if anything, I’d say this tendency is only far more pronounced among fans of metal (and hip hop and senile haircut punk). I like Venom/metal/stupidity in music and while I certainly don’t take musical tastes to be matters for personal offence, I do still ultimately have so much more respect for the gravity and integrity (and I don’t mean in “moral values”, but in a more profound sense) of the best punk bands, something that very few metal bands have ever achieved. This is why I’m still a punk, even fi I actually listen to more metal at this point.


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  20. Oliver / Cult Punk

    My comment said that I don’t think Minor Threat have to be torn down to appreciate Youth Brigade, and that I liked MT’s vocals. That of course garners a response that “people are getting pissed off” about Minor Threat here, and why do people have to worship MacKaye like he’s a messiah? Okkaayyy — I don’t see anyone getting hacked off or saying MacKaye is god here, actually. Basically an opinion was put forward in the blog post – Minor Threat are overrated — and so some comments said, “No, they aren’t — they’re a great band.” Not a big deal. “Are people this way about books, too?” Yeah, they are — but no one was even that way in this post or comments.

    I like Venom’s 1st two LPs and some other isolated stuff here and there, basically because I heard Amebix first and I thought it sounded like them (when for many people it’s vice versa), so I don’t have any particular bias against them. Except their late 80s stuff sucks.


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  21. Anonymous

    one of the early Dischord flyers announced a “possible EP by Youth Brigade”, that’s the reason why the 7″ was named “possible”


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  22. Anonymous

    The first 7″ record I bought was Venom’s “In league with Satan”. I tell you it made a big impression on my life. It got me off the beaten track so to speak. Parents, teachers, authority figures…they were of course all wrong and a bunch of pathetic phonies. If it weren’t for this record I’d be happily married today, have a decent job and maybe some nice kids. Instead I’m living in an abandoned tool shed, eating from garbage cans and always carry around a fucking axe. THANK YOU VERY MUCH VENOM!!!


    Posted on 08-Jul-07 at 08:23 | Permalink
  23. Erich

    Hahaha. Great. Thank you!


    Posted on 08-Jul-07 at 08:41 | Permalink
  24. Anonymous

    Malfeitor says-
    Peter is correct- the Scream LP is the best thing that ever happened on Dischord. I always liked Marginal Man too. I had to try really hard to like Ian’s voice (he didn’t like his own voice either) but eventually I did. Same with Geddy Lee…..dude. Believe it or not I don’t think I’ve ever even listened to this YB 7″.


    Posted on 09-Jul-07 at 17:24 | Permalink
  25. OTTO

    Minor Threat pushed me from punk to HC back in the day. Never worshiped them or any other band, but the lyrics really spoke to me in my early teens (losing friends, cliques in school, parents and teachers who didn’t get it, more and more drug use and stupidity amongst my circle of friends, etc.). Like most HC lyrics, it all sounds pretty silly now… Youth Brigade one of the great pure HC bands.

    Marginal Man! Great pop-hardcore (like SNFU but better). Their music stands the test of time, as does the first Scream LP. Lead singer of Marginal Man was son of a U.S. Congressman.

    Another fine post.


    Posted on 11-Jul-07 at 08:17 | Permalink
  26. Anonymous

    These guys are different from the L.A. band Youth Brigade from the same era right?



    Posted on 12-Jul-07 at 08:10 | Permalink
  27. Erich

    Yes Rob, a bit earlier and from DC.


    Posted on 12-Jul-07 at 09:04 | Permalink
  28. Marcus

    great blog,
    a mixture of punk and metal, just how i like it,
    yeah the minor threat 1st 7″ is only worth what someone is willing to pay
    which is about 750.00 (red cover) 1st pressing.

    i’ve sold off a lot of my reords, but kept this and a few other gems.



    Posted on 13-Jul-07 at 14:23 | Permalink
  29. fugu

    MacKaye’s vocals are annoying? That’s crazy talk!


    Posted on 17-Aug-08 at 13:16 | Permalink
  30. Misses Tamaralin



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