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YOUTH BRIGADE- Possible 7"EP (Dischord, USA, 1981)

youthbrigade_front.jpgyouthbrigade_back.jpgHell, I thought I’d just follow Peters example and post my favourite Dischord 7″.
YOUTH BRIGADE, much like VOID, to me epitomize the “Hardcore” label. Simple music, simple lyrics and a guaranteed slap in the face. A wall of sound that made bands like YOUTH BRIGADE or VOID kinda famous and that still works. Unlike TEEN IDLES and THE UNTOUCHABLES, the bands two of the members had been in before, YOUTH BRIGADE are way more aggressive. In MINOR THREAT, MacKaye’s unbearable singing style ruins the music for me to this day. I can’t stand the man singing, really. That’s why I didn’t buy the first MINOR THREAT 7″ but picked VENOM’s 7″ instead, when I had to decide which one to buy from the little money I had as a teenager. Had I picked MT, would my life have been better? You tell me.
PS: They didn’t carry YOUTH BRIGADE at the shop in 1981. I think, I still might have bought VENOM. Haha.

1000 copies made of this. Rereleased on “Four old 7 Inches on a 12 Inch” (the CD version is called “A year in 7 Inches”). The sound on the comp. LP is much cleaner than on the original 7″. But since the 7″ is pressed on cheap vinyl and plays noisy I ripped it from the 12″ comp – but only on the 7″, you will find that very short outro thing, called “No Song II”. Here it is. Enjoy.

“I thought we all wanted something new
why did it end up the same
Don’t you know it’s up to you
you have got to make the change

I’m sick of things the way they are
I’m sick of things the way they are
I’m sick of things the way they are
It’s about time that we had a change (…).”

It’s about Time that we had a Change.mp3
Full Speed ahead.mp3
Point of View.mp3
Barbed Wire.mp3
Pay no Attention.mp3
Wrong Decision.mp3
No Song.mp3
No Song II.mp3