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BURNING IMAGE- The Final Conflict, c/w Burning Image burning 7" (selfproduced, USA, 1984)

burningimage_front.jpgburningimage_back.jpgAnother piece time forgot. You wouldn’t find out much more googling the bands name than that they were on Alternative Tentacles later on and are commonly tagged as “Deathrock”.
I can’t tell you much more, really. The band sounds a bit like later T.So.O.L. sometimes, some guitar stuff has a surf feeling, but the whole thing is generally pretty dark, pretty heavy. “The final conflict” being the instant hit, but the flip is great too, it just takes more time. The band came from Bakersfield, California, and rumor has it, there were only 200 made of this 7″ (handglued cover and nice insert).

Here’s from the AT biography:

“Burning Image arose out of the ashes of a group called “The Pictures”. Tony Bonanno and I formed “The Pictures” as an excuse to play the cool edgy music of the day and to bring Punk Rock to Bakersfield, CA. We were tired of playing all the crap from the radio. We also wanted to play our own music. We were not alone.
At that same time, Joe Sparks and Paul Burch were in a local band playing X and Bowie tunes and wanting to create their own homegrown musical revolution. “No more Dinosaur Rock” was our battle cry. It was fate that brought us together. Tony and I finally decided that Joe and Paul should be in our band. After a meeting over sirloin tips and coffee at Denny’s it was final. Burning Image was a band.
Burning Image was formed in the summer of 1983. A wide range of music, art and fashion influenced us. Our tastes ranged from Killing Joke to Christian Death and Andy Warhol to Edward Gorey. Politics, religion, and personal angst were perfect topics for the songs that we were writing. We wrote a bunch of cool tunes, did some shows with Dead Kennedys, 45 Grave, Specimen, Butthole Surfers, and Dr. Timothy Leary, just to name a few. We put out a 7″ single with the songs “The Final Conflict” and “Burning Image, Burning”. We worked our asses off. It was great.
Over the years we would get inquiries about Burning Image. People asking about the 7″ single or if we were going to release any old Burning Image material or if Burning Image was still around. I would see the 7″ single being sold on the internet and see it hanging on the wall of some indie record store.
Which brings me to this project. We felt that the time was right to put together this collection of Burning Image music and finally let the unreleased material have its day in the sun. This will give everybody that was already familiar with Burning Image the chance to listen to stuff they’ve never heard and let the new generation of Burning IMage fans discover what we were all about. We hope that you have as much fun listening to this CD as we had putting it together.”

And finally, there’s a video piece on youporn:

The final Conflict.mp3
Burning Image, burning ….mp3