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Monthly Archives: July 2007

V/A FLOWERS FROM THE DUSTBIN – A SYDNEY COMPILATION- Comp. LP (Aberrant Records, Australia, 1983)


Last year, I posted the incredible “Not so Humdrum” Comp. LP, which was actually the second in a series of three essential australian Punk comps. “Flowers from the Dustbin” was the first, released in 1983. All the bands on this rare compilation have vanished into obscurity, but I seem to remember, that POSITIVE HATRED later […]

ANTISECT- Hello there … How’s Life? Live LP (Graven Image Records, USA, 1991)


Not much needs to be said about ANTISECT – the demos and the LP (“In Darkness there’s no Choice”) are classics, the 7″ was a big letdown though. There’s also an official Live LP (“Peace is better than a Place in History”) – but this one here is much better, methinks. Recorded in 1984. Not […]

PERMANENT DAMAGE- s/t 7″EP (Reactor Records, Australia, 1985)


PERMANENT DAMAGE came from Victoria, Australia and this was their debut. An LP followed a year later or so, entitled “End of Innocence”, but this here is it. Angry metalfree HC with some kind of an upspeed oi-feel to it, but it works! Recorded in 1984, this was very clean and polished for the time […]

MORBID ANGEL- Thy kingdom come 7″ (Splattermaniac / Off The Disk Records, Switzerland, 1988)


When Thomas M., a friend of his (Roman) and I tripped through the USA in summer of 86, I met a lot of bands and people. One of the bands we came in contact with was a group everybody was talking about in Florida: MORBID ANGEL. I don’t remember how it went, but we were […]

THE ABUSED- Loud and clear 7″EP (Abused Music, USA, 1983)


THE ABUSED‘s one and only offically released record, this 8 song 7″EP, is one of those mysterious little gems that passed nearly un-noticed when first released, but turned out to be one milestone in HC. I’m pretty sure you all at least have heard of it or own a bootleg version of it; this is […]

WENDY & LEMMY- Stand by your Man, c/w No Class 7″ (Bronze, UK, 1982)


The infamous LEMMY / WENDY O. WILLIAMS (singer of the PLASMATICS) join-venture. I wouldn’t excactly call this one glorious moment in the history of music, but I still dig it. Must be the memories, I guess – MOTÖRHEAD tore shit up still in 82 still and the PLASMATICS were one helluva live band. It’s actually […]

BEDBOYS- L’Indifferenca uccide …. 7″ EP (Suoni di Pace, Italy, 1985)


Repost from one of my first postings, March 2006: Soundfiles freshly ripped and added in full. Mandatory music. You’ll know after 5 seconds whether you’ll hate or love it. The emotions I emulate when listening to the incredible guitar parts of BEDBOYS are about the closest thing in my life to what others would call […]

V/A KILLED BY DEATH- Vol. 13 LP (“Redrum”, USA, ca. 1995)


This is the most elusive of all the KBD comps. Not only does this one pop up rarely, it’s also one of the best of the series, with its crazy compilation of Californian Tape-only releases from between 1978 and 1983. So what you get here are great songs by SNOT PUPPIES, THE BLOWDRIVERS, CASTRATION SQUAD, […]

PATRIOTS- Land of the Free 7″EP (Another Lousy Record, USA, 1983)


Recorded and mixed in one day on April 28 1983, the PATRIOTS one and only vinyl appearance ever is full of angst and anger! You really can sense the urgency and immediate power of the group on this slab – that’s what good old low-fi and analog recording techniques were capable of, just capturing and […]

New Blog still in the works!


Welcome everybody on the new Good Bad Music Blog! As you can see, layout etc. is still in the works, but the main features are there already and identical to the old version. Curently all cover scans and fotos are down until the pix have been relinked and relocated. Thanks a lot Patrick for […]