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Monthly Archives: June 2007

I REFUSE IT!- S/T 7"EP (Toto Alle Prese Dischi, Italy, 1984)


Think of Geza X done the italian way – this is I REFUSE IT!. Crazy, out in space mayhem with plenty of brutal power and a good dose of hooks. One of the most criminally overlooked bands from Italy, for sure! Fuck, this needs a proper reissue!! The cheapish clear vinyl plays a bit noisy. […]

AMEBIX- Who’s the Enemy 7"EP (Spiderleg Records, UK, 1982)


One of the best things about running such a Blog is, that it gives you the opportunity to dig up forgotten records from your own collection. I never fancied AMEBIX’ first 7″ that much, but when I decided to make a proper rip of it (it hasn’t received much blogger-fame so far, from what I […]

STIGMATHE- Suoni puri dalla Liberta 7"EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1984)


Think you have heard all italian HC pearls? We’re not quite done yet – here’s Modena’s STIGMATHE! There’s absolutely nothing I know of this band other than that STIGMATHE had an unreleased 7″ from ’82 which saw the light of day in 1987 (at least, that’s what the “Kill from the Heart” website tells us). […]

WARNING- Watching from a Distance (UK 2007)


Okay, okay, Otto – I heard you. Well, what can I say? WARNING blow me away. Definately the most intriguing mix of vocals and music I have heard in a long, long time. Plain and simple a lifetime classic. I’m only posting this one song. Please buy this CD, it’s easily available and even if […]

SLEEP- Vol2 7" (Off The Disk, Switzerland, 1991)


This was one of the late releases on my old label. I remember my mate Thomas being totally hooked on them bands, while I was kinda undecided on what I should think about the postmodernist quoting (copying) thing had finally reached the Metal and HC / Punk genres. When you grew up with those Black […]

BARN AV REGNBUEN- Det e’kje nakka artig laenger 7"EP (X-Port Plater, Norway, 1986)


Before the kids in Norway set fire to churches in a rather bizarre religious competition (Satanism vs. Christianity – Christianity won, by the way), there was a short lived and small scene of great original HC Punk in the mid 80s. X-Port Platter was the label for these groups of which BANNLYST or SVART FRAMTID […]

ADRENALIN O.D. / BEDLAM- Caught in the Act Split 7"EP (Buy Our Records, USA, 1986)


It’s been a helluva lot of work here and finally I’m beginning to see through it. thanks for the suggestions and mails and all; I decided to go with this AOD / Bedlam Split 7″ because it’s so funny. And frankly – if I had a copy of F’s “You are an EP”, I’d had […]