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ANGEL WITCH- Angel Witch, c/W Gorgon 7" (Bronze, UK, 1980)

angelwitch_front.jpgangelwitch_back.jpgI don’t remember exactly, when I first heard ANGEL WITCH, but I think it was around 1981. Although it was released on Bronze Records, a label with major distribution around the continent, the LP was hard to come by, at least where I lived. Whoever had a copy, treasured it (nowadays, you find it for basically nothing on Ebay). To this day, I find the band the most fascinating of all the NWOBHM bands. Superb musicians and songwriters and above all – artists, capable of creating a unique aura. The selftitled first LP is a milestone and it will forever seem like one of the biggest injustices of rock’n’roll that ANGEL WITCH’s contribution to Heavy Metal to this very day is totally under-appreciated. In 1980, there simple weren’t many bands with such a heavy, doomy sound around.

Here’s the 2nd 7″ with its elsewhere unavailable shorter version (they cut out the guitar solo at the beginning of the song for whatever reason) of the band’s theme song. I left off Gorgon because it’s the LP version and I’m sure everybody has got that one at home …. (you better do).

Angel Witch.mp3