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STUPIDS- Violent Nun 7"EP (COR, UK, 1985)

stupids_front.jpgstupids_back.jpgThe STUPIDS first 7″ may be not as good as “Peruvian Vacation” (which is an album I admired right from the day of its release on), but it’s still a burner!
Funny, whacky – and yet highly talented. I must admit that “Elephant Man” kinda bugged me because I found it an inappropriate mockery of this most serious movie, but these days, I find it rather amusing. And this is the overtone of the whole record. It’s good clean fun, unlike what you normally hear on this blog.
When I was in the UK in 1987, more than a few other bands seemed to be envious of the “success” the STUPIDS had abroad (in the USA and Australia namely), but in the end, the career was over before long. The band’s american HC imagery was another thing that some of the contemporaries didn’t enjoy all too much.

Well, what me worry. A great record. Enjoy.

Elephant Man.mp3
What happens next?.mp3
It’s gotta be Love.mp3
Who do you think you are?.mp3
Taken too many.mp3
I am ill.mp3 & I don’t like nobody.mp3