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KILLERPRALINEN- S/T 12"EP (AGR, Germany, 1982)

killerpralinen-v.gifkillerpralinen-h.gifA while back, I’ve posted Middle Class Fantasies monstrous 7″ from 1981, one of the most disturbing records I can think of. KILLERPRALINEN was the follow-up band.
I don’t know shit about KILLERPRALINEN other than this was the bands only ever release (bootleged on “Die Deutschen kommen zurück” Comp LP from 1998). Musically, the band picks up where MCF left off basically. A bit more melodic maybe, with a dark, disturbing vibe (coming mostly from the singer’s exceptional style) and with standing out guitar bits. Definately one of the most original records you ever gonna hear and a timeless classic of its kind. But although the this 12″ seems to be of a certain ambitioned kind, the band remains very unknown to this day.
You will hear countless influences here, yet the “typical” CF sound always stays dominant. It fucking beats me why this isn’t part of the Post-Punk-, whatever-canon.

Pest Club.mp3
Die rote Maske.mp3
Lord der Sinne.mp3