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HELL- Save us from those who would save us, c/w Death Squad 7" (Deadly Weapon, UK, 1983)

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The NWOBHM was already in its decline, when HELL released this 7″ in late 1983. The group was formed in 1982, with some sort of an all-star line-up consisting of former members of bands like Race Against time, Paralex, Overdrive and Tokyo Rose. The “NWOBHM Encyclopedia” tells us the band was very popular in the Midlands scene, though the bands occulstist imagery and the twisted music failed in attracting bigger labels like Neat or Ebony, so HELL would just go and selfproduce their only life-time 7″. Before this classic 7″, the band had a demo (“Scheming Demons”) which was so-so. It sure showed some promise but it was nowhere near the 7″.
This record has gained a true “cult” status in the 90s, but was already highly respected in the mid 80s among collectors. I remember Shades from London selling this in 1986 still!

Both songs on the single are kinda spooky, yet totally luxurious, lavish – true art always produces this vast surplus of value. Whereas the NWOBHM seems to prefer “Save us” (remember that Groucho Marx quote?), I’d go for “Deathsquad”. To the young ones, it must sound kinda unaccesible, I guess, because this very subtle kind of atmosphere has been washed away completely. Others might complain about the singing on the other track – to me, this is just the way it has to be. The falsetto and the operatic tone of drama is what I love so much about this 7″. DEMON in their early days (before going kinda Pink Floyd’ish on their “The Plague” LP which came out on DISCHARGE’s label strangely) sometimes created a similiar atmosphere, though not as haunting as HELL’s.

Expect a proper HELL reissue on Miskatonic soon (WARNING’s label). In the meantime, here’s an interview, conducted by the folks at Miskatonic, which will shed more light on this still mysterous group. Make sure you don’t miss this CD / Vinyl!

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Save us from those who would save us.mp3