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KREMLIN KORPS- Moscow’s Revenge 7"EP (Speed Of Sound, USA, 1984)

kk_front.jpgkk_back.jpgAnother little treasure that time forgot is KREMLIN KORPS from Philadelphia. On the same label that has brought you FLAG OF DEMOCRAZY’s crazy debut 7″ “Love Song” in the same year.
Four great, tight songs with female vocalist Stacey Gold. Very catchy, memorable tunes – it’s a pity really this has been overlooked so far.
On the foldout sleeve, there’s the same of photo of a man (“Fat Howard”, as it says) we already saw on YDI’s “Place in the Sun” 7″. What’s the deal with him? What’s there to say about KREMLIN KORPS anyway?

Holier than thou.mp3
Friday’s Song.mp3
Culture Shock.mp3