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AMEBIX- Who’s the Enemy 7"EP (Spiderleg Records, UK, 1982)

amebix_front.jpgamebix_back.jpgOne of the best things about running such a Blog is, that it gives you the opportunity to dig up forgotten records from your own collection.
I never fancied AMEBIX’ first 7″ that much, but when I decided to make a proper rip of it (it hasn’t received much blogger-fame so far, from what I could find out), I realized that it’s actually much better than I had it remembered! Besides, it’s highly enjoyable when you can hear a band working on its profile. This is very dark already, but more on the Punk and on the Killing Joke side of things. Plus, you get a song of the band’s motto (a Proudhon catchphrase). I must admit, I’m surprised, really, on how good this is!
You’ll find more AMEBIX on this blog, just search for it.

This goes out to you, Rob ol’mate. Hope you don’t mind.

No Gods No Masters.mp3

Note: Files taken down. Official reissue coming!