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ADRENALIN O.D. / BEDLAM- Caught in the Act Split 7"EP (Buy Our Records, USA, 1986)

aodbedlam.jpgaodbed_vinyl1.jpgaodbed_vinyl2.jpgIt’s been a helluva lot of work here and finally I’m beginning to see through it. thanks for the suggestions and mails and all; I decided to go with this AOD / Bedlam Split 7″ because it’s so funny. And frankly – if I had a copy of F’s “You are an EP”, I’d had posted it, but I’m missing that babe for reasons unknown.
I guess y’all have heard the story of this split release (of which 1000 were made). It was supposed to be a Flexi and was announced over a longer period of time in fanzines all over, but never came out. Paul, AOD’s guitarist and a long time penpal of mine, kept writing it should be out “anyday soon” and sent me a full C-90 cassette with an advance copy of it plus loads of extras to make time shorter. One day, I got this in the mail at last.
I’ve never been too big of a fan of BEDLAM. Their two 12″s just never made the sparks fly for me, I don’t know why. The stuff’s hard, funny and with a Meatmen-vibe definately and yet totally eastcoast, you can hear that immediately. On a sidenote, the song “Live A.I.D.S.” pissed me off that much that I wrote my own song on the HIV-topic. You sometimes wonder what the artists think of their work 2o years later, don’t you ….

PS: (added June 14): Forgot to post this. It’s some Black Metal dude in his evil and tastefully stuffed flat being interviewed by some other dude, who’s got a funny haircut. After a while, the evil dude puts on A.O.D.’s first LP and tries to get into it, while the motorcycle dude just stands there and looks good:)

ADRENALIN O.D.: Masterpiece.mp3
ADRENALIN O.D.: We will.mp3
ADRENALIN O.D.: Traffic Jam.mp3
BEDLAM: Creepy fucking Hitchcock.mp3 & Lost in Space.mp3
BEDLAM: Live A.I.D.S.mp3


  1. Adamski

    Great to have you back, Erich!


    Posted on 13-Jun-07 at 10:02 | Permalink
  2. Erich

    Cheers Adamski – i was longing for the comeback really. Good to be back!


    Posted on 13-Jun-07 at 10:38 | Permalink
  3. DanO

    i have this and its true, i’ve often looked back in astonishment at the idiocy of the AIDS song. i did like Bedlam though. their best contribution here is the recorded shenanigans.

    “My tooth! my tooth!” “i just got a one joint rebate for my tooth.”


    Posted on 13-Jun-07 at 11:23 | Permalink
  4. Anonymous

    yeah that aids song is so fucking dumb.


    Posted on 13-Jun-07 at 11:52 | Permalink
  5. Anonymous

    I cannot download “live A.I.D.S.”…


    Posted on 14-Jun-07 at 01:19 | Permalink
  6. Erich



    Posted on 14-Jun-07 at 01:23 | Permalink
  7. Anonymous

    Thanks Erich,
    I’m sorry to say this was my request. I’ve always been a big fan of AOD, and somehow this has escaped me. I had heard it was bad, but wow -it’s really bad! The video is awesome though. I guess I better donate now.


    Posted on 14-Jun-07 at 11:18 | Permalink
  8. Anonymous

    The video is boring for the first 6 minutes, but, wow! The blackmetaller is into AOD, amazing!

    Thanx for posting the AOD/Bedlam EP, I´ve never even heard of this recording, so it´s great to know it.

    Ruy F., from Brazil


    Posted on 14-Jun-07 at 14:01 | Permalink
  9. thomas

    apparently, the black metal dude is Fenriz, founder/drummer from Darkthrone, nice video:-)


    Posted on 14-Jun-07 at 14:20 | Permalink
  10. Anonymous

    What exactly is so horrible about thwe A.I.D.S. song?


    Posted on 14-Jun-07 at 20:55 | Permalink
  11. Anonymous

    its the MIGHTY FENRIZ speaking,
    so quiet please…


    Posted on 15-Jun-07 at 00:15 | Permalink
  12. Anonymous



    Posted on 15-Jun-07 at 00:33 | Permalink
  13. el bobov

    fenriz is a pretty cool guy into some cool music..i doubt these days he really cares about coming across “evil”,as Darkthrone are more of a crusty punk/rocknroll metal band these days anyways.


    Posted on 22-Jun-07 at 19:07 | Permalink
  14. Joaquim

    No it’s not, Darkthrone tries to sound like old 80s badly played Black Metal that wants to be evil.


    Posted on 28-Jun-07 at 23:18 | Permalink
  15. Darkthrone is a great band! They are not like any other norwegian black metal band, and never has been. They have a new album out called “F.O.A.D.” (Fuck Off And Die), which is their 13th album, and it’s a nice one.


    Posted on 01-Nov-07 at 08:46 | Permalink
  16. Norge Norge är ett ruttet land
    Norrmän norrmän ett jävla rövarband


    Posted on 07-Jan-08 at 12:40 | Permalink
  17. fugu

    “How much primitive can you get?” Broken norwegian english rules!


    Posted on 17-Aug-08 at 13:44 | Permalink
  18. Jay Thurston

    I tried hard to watch the the video. I think the old bald guy really wants to fuck the long hair guy. I could not take any more. AOD, will forever be rock gods.


    Posted on 02-Nov-08 at 09:39 | Permalink
  19. What's the Truth

    I’d just like to point out that after watching this video again, Jay Thurston may be right. The part where the interviewer says, “Is he mad about us now?” is hilarious!


    Posted on 04-May-09 at 08:03 | Permalink
  20. Lenny

    …it’s funny…you wrote wonder what artists think of there music 20 years later….Bedlam stopped playing the A.I.D.S…..while they were still active…..listening to a lot of Fear and Meatmen when I wrote those lyrics…….makes me cringe now….but at the time…..anyway
    thanx for the review


    Admin Reply:

    Thanks a lot for stopping by and explaining, Lenny!


    Posted on 12-Dec-11 at 23:26 | Permalink

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