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ADRENALIN O.D. / BEDLAM- Caught in the Act Split 7"EP (Buy Our Records, USA, 1986)

aodbedlam.jpgaodbed_vinyl1.jpgaodbed_vinyl2.jpgIt’s been a helluva lot of work here and finally I’m beginning to see through it. thanks for the suggestions and mails and all; I decided to go with this AOD / Bedlam Split 7″ because it’s so funny. And frankly – if I had a copy of F’s “You are an EP”, I’d had posted it, but I’m missing that babe for reasons unknown.
I guess y’all have heard the story of this split release (of which 1000 were made). It was supposed to be a Flexi and was announced over a longer period of time in fanzines all over, but never came out. Paul, AOD’s guitarist and a long time penpal of mine, kept writing it should be out “anyday soon” and sent me a full C-90 cassette with an advance copy of it plus loads of extras to make time shorter. One day, I got this in the mail at last.
I’ve never been too big of a fan of BEDLAM. Their two 12″s just never made the sparks fly for me, I don’t know why. The stuff’s hard, funny and with a Meatmen-vibe definately and yet totally eastcoast, you can hear that immediately. On a sidenote, the song “Live A.I.D.S.” pissed me off that much that I wrote my own song on the HIV-topic. You sometimes wonder what the artists think of their work 2o years later, don’t you ….

PS: (added June 14): Forgot to post this. It’s some Black Metal dude in his evil and tastefully stuffed flat being interviewed by some other dude, who’s got a funny haircut. After a while, the evil dude puts on A.O.D.’s first LP and tries to get into it, while the motorcycle dude just stands there and looks good:)

ADRENALIN O.D.: Masterpiece.mp3
ADRENALIN O.D.: We will.mp3
ADRENALIN O.D.: Traffic Jam.mp3
BEDLAM: Creepy fucking Hitchcock.mp3 & Lost in Space.mp3
BEDLAM: Live A.I.D.S.mp3