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Monthly Archives: June 2007

BLOODY RIOT- s/t 7"EP (Bloody Riot Records, Italy, 1983)


The most pitiful of the already pretty dreadful youth subcultures of the 80s would be the Oi-scene. I’m sure that this has (maybe apart from the extreme right; then again ,we know how much of the same clients these two segments share) about the dumbest following ever. BLOODY RIOT unfortunately seemed to belong to this […]

ANGEL WITCH- Angel Witch, c/W Gorgon 7" (Bronze, UK, 1980)


I don’t remember exactly, when I first heard ANGEL WITCH, but I think it was around 1981. Although it was released on Bronze Records, a label with major distribution around the continent, the LP was hard to come by, at least where I lived. Whoever had a copy, treasured it (nowadays, you find it for […]

KILLERPRALINEN- S/T 12"EP (AGR, Germany, 1982)


A while back, I’ve posted Middle Class Fantasies monstrous 7″ from 1981, one of the most disturbing records I can think of. KILLERPRALINEN was the follow-up band. I don’t know shit about KILLERPRALINEN other than this was the bands only ever release (bootleged on “Die Deutschen kommen zurück” Comp LP from 1998). Musically, the band […]

STUPIDS- Violent Nun 7"EP (COR, UK, 1985)


The STUPIDS first 7″ may be not as good as “Peruvian Vacation” (which is an album I admired right from the day of its release on), but it’s still a burner! Funny, whacky – and yet highly talented. I must admit that “Elephant Man” kinda bugged me because I found it an inappropriate mockery of […]



I think there’s only this one song in the world that you can do such funny action with. Awesome. Perfect. This made my day.

LOUD 3D – HARDCORE ROCK’N’ROLL Photobook (USA, 1984)


If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, you will remember 3D books and movies (like the 3D versions of “Creature of the Black Lagoon” or “Friday the 13th” & “Jaws 3”). I hope you didn’t throw these glasses away because here’s the only 3D HC and Punk photobook ever published! It’s a shitload […]

SAINTS- Saints alive! 7"EP (Punk Vault, USA, 1988)


Hell, this is may be not the best recording, but I love it! I’ve always been fond of live boots with cheap sound, it beats me why. The SAINTS captured live in 1977, playing live on TV apparently. Great selection of songs, it’s crazy how much drive the band had in its early days. “Punk […]

DEAD BOYS- Sonic Reducer Live


This is post number 250.

HELL- Save us from those who would save us, c/w Death Squad 7" (Deadly Weapon, UK, 1983)


new rip coming soon! The NWOBHM was already in its decline, when HELL released this 7″ in late 1983. The group was formed in 1982, with some sort of an all-star line-up consisting of former members of bands like Race Against time, Paralex, Overdrive and Tokyo Rose. The “NWOBHM Encyclopedia” tells us the band was […]

KREMLIN KORPS- Moscow’s Revenge 7"EP (Speed Of Sound, USA, 1984)


Another little treasure that time forgot is KREMLIN KORPS from Philadelphia. On the same label that has brought you FLAG OF DEMOCRAZY’s crazy debut 7″ “Love Song” in the same year. Four great, tight songs with female vocalist Stacey Gold. Very catchy, memorable tunes – it’s a pity really this has been overlooked so far. […]