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O.D.’S- Back at the Ranch LP (Fresh Sounds, USA, 1984)

And here’s another lost gem. ORANGE DOE-NUTS (O.D.’S) were from Kentucky, of all places. I know absolutely nothing of this band other than that this LP here has some fantastic powerful material, great metalfree HC the way it should be. Rumor has it there were only 300 made of this and the hand made cover (silk screen print n front and sheet glued on plain white sleeve) makes this likely to be true. Powerful, generic and obnoxious. You’ll hear practically every other HC band of the era in these tunes, it’s just like a great blend of other great music. And the reggae pisstake is funny too.

Enjoy! And fill in the blanks.

PS: Yeah right, they were from Kansas not Kentucky. Who cares about that.

Fancy girl.mp3
O.D. Theme
Time no Time.mp3
Twisted world.mp3
Jimmy Time.mp3


  1. jj.n

    Couldnt get a single one of the mp3’s to work 🙁


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  2. Erich

    files are still uploading. check back in a couple of minutes


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  3. Peter - KBD Records

    Always wondered about this band too! Thought about ripping it but never got around. Thanks Erich!

    The quality of the vinyl is close to a flexi. Very very thin. Yours too?


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  4. Erich

    Yeah Peter – extremely cheap vinyl, but it still sounds good!


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  5. Erich

    PS: Forgot to mention the goofy photos on the insert – hillarious!


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  6. swepete

    So why do you not scan the insert? Just asking….Du alte so und so Du…


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  7. Curious Guy

    Yeah, my copy is also almost as thin as a flexi. Always afraid to break it.
    They also appear on one of the ‘We Got Power’ comps. on Mystic.


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  8. Anonymous

    I’ve run across this one a few times but never bought it. I regret it now, I suppose. This was on the same label that put out Micronotz and their ilk so I assumed they sounded like that. Pretty generic but not bad. I bet there were more than 300 of them made, though, as I always found it in the cheapo bin with no takers.


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  9. Anonymous


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  10. laszlo

    i’m pretty certain that the O.D.’s are from Kansas City, MO not Kentucky.

    check this article:


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  11. Anonymous

    laszlo you are correct, maybe even a memeber or two from lawrence as well.


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  12. Andre

    They were actually, um, serious about that Reggae “piss take,” not that it sounds that way. They opened up for all the hardcore bands that passed through town, and it was tedious as hell sitting through the extended live jam of Jimmy Time while waiting for the music we had really come to see.

    Nicest guy in the band was the vocalist, Larry. I think he’s passed on, though. The rest of the group thought they were rockstars.

    BTW, they were from Kansas City, not Kansas, the state. Common mistake, but for the record, the state was named after the city, which was named after the Kansas river, which was named after a native american tribe, the Kaw people.


    Posted on 03-Jun-07 at 18:35 | Permalink
  13. no labels

    Great generic thrash. And they thank Mental Crisis, which is a plus cause their demo rules. Mental Crisis demo rules cause they had tracks titled “I Like To Thrash” and “I Hate Snow”.


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  14. JIMMY



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  15. Ben

    This is a good one… a few OD’s stories:
    met Kurt, the guitarist, outside of a John Doe show in KC. Said he was living under a bridge somewhere, introduced himself as “Kurt from Orange Doe-Nuts”, as if that lent some credibility 🙂

    heard a story once about them playing a house show in Columbia, MO and passing out KoolAid spiked with acid… can anyone verify?

    have also heard rumors that the singer moved to San Francisco, and is the painter responsible for the cover art on the Melvins’ solo LPs, a Victim’s Family album, and some other various Boner Records stuff. Harvey Stafford? Apparently also responsible for the Feral House book “Muerte: Death in Popular Mexican Culture”


    Debbie Fischer Reply:

    Yeah…In the summer of “84”..Gina T. And I used to hang out with the OD’s. Gina dated brian. Also the Sinclairs…EMF (eat more fritoes! Erie mountain folk ! Haha. There was a house party close to the nelson art gallery. We passed around gatoraid ;). Fat pat sang “voodoo hippy your so trippy”. And one of my favorite- Trains. Those were some wild times. Some of the best times. Duct tape Debbie. I drove the ice cream van and had them throw down a extension cored from the 3rd floor of the lofts on 5th and Delaware so I could keep the ice cream frozen.


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  16. Ben

    also cool:


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  17. Jason

    Heya Ben: So that second O.D.’s story is both right & wrong. Wrong in that Harvey Stafford was never the singer for the O.D.’s, but right in that Harvey did move to SF & do all of those things (& more — he had a pretty funny bit on a TV show concerning pranks/ work sabotage where he talked about adding SS military details to a guard on a mural that he painted at Disneyland).

    For what it may be worth, Harvey was the singer for the Lawrence, KS HC band Short Notice, who (as best as I can recall) only recorded a demo tape (a track from which (“Beg For Mercy”) was included on the Fresh Sounds From Middle America #3 LP.

    I actually remember hearing the first story “back in the day” as well, but the only house party I ever saw the O.D.’s at was w/ DRI (at the “O.D. Ranch”), and, at least personally speaking, no acid made it my way.

    Hope that helps some.


    Posted on 19-Nov-08 at 07:39 | Permalink
  18. Steven

    I lived at the ranch back in the mid 80’s. Kurt, who was the O.D.’s guitarist was one of my room mates. The kool aide story is true, Kurt liked to have kool aide parties. There were several bands that crashed at the ranch, which was a loft in the River Quay, in Kansas City. Kurt would book bands to play at the VFW hall or the Foolkiller Theater and they would stay at the ranch to save money. We partied with D.O.A. and several others.


    Debbie Fischer Reply:

    Yeah..the meat puppets…guardrails…etc…Do you remember me and Gina T.?


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  19. Wiggy

    yeah, I spent many a night strung out “back at the ranch”… I still have my Offenders album they were throwing out into the crowd at the OD Ranch show. The craziest party I ever remember was the after show with Personality Crisis… I don’t think there was anyone who wasn’t completely fried on whatever window pane goodies Chris, Joey, or Dave had in their always present Sucrets boxes… You kinda always ended up there… and you were most certainly needing some kind of refuge to ride out various intoxicants…


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  20. Kurt Witt of “The O.D’s is Currently playing in “Billy Squier’s Taint” from K.C.,Mo. thay are playing May 21st @ Davey’s Uptown in Kansas City.


    Graham McCoy Reply:

    Oh Paul,you shameless self promoter! I have the Personality Crisis record Kurt got from those guys at the party mentioned above.Had to “rescue” it from one of Kurt’s many funky pads since it was being walked on and kicked across the floor. Also,Larry the singer is not dead,just in a dead assed place called Kansas City,Mo.


    Posted on 07-May-10 at 18:05 | Permalink
  21. Mary Beth

    The OD’s weren’t from Kentucky or Kansas! They were from Missouri.


    Davey Reply:

    The OD,s like all Ranch bands were from the state of intoxication


    Posted on 08-Aug-11 at 01:42 | Permalink
  22. Claire

    The O. D.’s aka Orange Doe-nuts
    Larry Kenski – vocals
    Kurt Witt – guitar
    Mark Biemuller – bass
    Mike Sims – drums
    Donny Byrom – guitar
    Kansas City, Missouri

    The Ranch was a second floor “loft” (old school loft) on 5th street in the River Quay (now called the River Market). Crash pad for most of the bands that came through town, and anyone else. Let’s just say all the party stories are true, and then some…

    Neither Kurt nor Larry are dead. Surprisingly. LOL


    Posted on 08-Aug-11 at 22:20 | Permalink
  23. Davey

    I ran into Kurt last week @ a methadone clinic in KC. The rumors of his demise (& Larry’s & mine) are greatly exaggerated


    Posted on 20-Aug-11 at 01:02 | Permalink
  24. Logan

    What happened to Hook.mp3? Can it be uploaded again? Thanks.


    Posted on 12-Jul-12 at 08:12 | Permalink
  25. Breaka Dawn

    Larry is not dead and Kurt still plays in a band with myself called B.O.D. and its fucking fun as fuck.


    Posted on 27-Nov-12 at 04:04 | Permalink
  26. Larry

    I am not dead or on methadone


    Posted on 02-Jun-14 at 03:42 | Permalink
  27. Larry Kenski

    The Orange Doenut$ were a hoax. It never happened. Just ask Exene


    Posted on 02-Jun-14 at 03:52 | Permalink
  28. buky

    Yeah, Donny was the biggest rockstar asshole in the band. I was happy when they kicked him out! Heard He froze to death in Chicago some years later.


    Posted on 02-Jun-14 at 06:18 | Permalink
  29. Patricia Kenski

    Bass – Mark Biemuller
    Cover, Design [Cover Design] – Doug Easterwood
    Drums – Mike Sims (3)
    Guitar – Donny Byrom, Kurt Witt
    Photography By [Photos By] – Kurt*, Molly Hutton
    Producer – Orange Doe-Nuts*
    Recorded By – Joe Walsh (3)
    Recorded By, Mixed By [Remixed By] – Jack Black (7)
    Vocals – Larry Kenski
    Band from Kansas City Missouri


    Posted on 21-Jun-14 at 02:43 | Permalink
  30. Jim

    I knew Kurt Witt when he was in the band. Sold him an old guitar to smash onstage once. I remember when the album came out.


    Posted on 22-Sep-14 at 20:24 | Permalink
  31. john barrick

    Just to confirm.
    The ODs were from Kansas City, MO.
    Their genesis was in the demise of the KC punk band, Choke.
    The Ranch was a loft in the River Quay.
    By ’84 they were practicing upstairs in the Foolkiller theater at 39th & Main.
    Bart replaced Donny on guitar and Frank replaced Mike on drums.
    Mike moved back to Columbia, MO where he was drumming for the Dharma Bums.
    After playing in a couple of other KC bands, Donny moved to Chicago and a job with the railroad.
    Kurt and Larry are definitely alive. Donny was the last time I checked.
    I have no clue as to what happened with Mark, Mike, Bart, or Frank.
    Anytime I ever walked in to their practice space upstairs at the Foolkiller (next to my band’s), there was never a shortage of weed, and it was always offered.
    Jimmy Time always saw at least two joints lit from the stage and passed through the crowd.
    I wasn’t at the ranch for the Kool-Aid (I’m certain it happened as described), but generally it was the Yardapes that passed multi hit blotter laced Gatoraide through their audiences.


    Posted on 26-Jan-15 at 04:18 | Permalink
  32. Digg

    The Orange Doe-nuts “OD’s” are a Kansas City Punk Band that formed in 1984! FYI and are back at it playing a handful of shows a year !


    Posted on 14-Nov-15 at 22:26 | Permalink
  33. Larry

    We have been doing reunion shows for a couple years. Kurt and I are the only original members but we put together some good younger players.


    Posted on 27-Jan-16 at 16:19 | Permalink

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