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Monthly Archives: May 2007

Still alive


Thanks for the mails. I’m still alive, just kinda busy. New shyte soon.

REAGAN YOUTH- Youth Anthems for the new Order 12"EP (selfproduced, USA, 1984)


cover pix currently down Back when this came out, I didn’t like it for two reasons: First off, the theme song made me sing “Sieg Heil” and secondly, “I hate Hate” sounded so flowerpowerish to me that I originally intended to write a song called “I hate People who hate Hate” für my first band. […]

O.D.’S- Back at the Ranch LP (Fresh Sounds, USA, 1984)


And here’s another lost gem. ORANGE DOE-NUTS (O.D.’S) were from Kentucky, of all places. I know absolutely nothing of this band other than that this LP here has some fantastic powerful material, great metalfree HC the way it should be. Rumor has it there were only 300 made of this and the hand made cover […]

HATED PRINCIPLES- The Curse of Prince Hatred 7"EP (Gothic Gospel, USA, 1983)


Great and totally under-appreciated SoCali HC of the snotty sort! HATED PRINCIPLES are or were still together, a couple years back, I think. I never heard the other releases, but this 7″ is just too great! Kinda reminds me on the great (S.F.) FU’s, and even on RF 7 a bit(both featured on this blog […]

SALVATION ARMY- Mind Gardens 7" (New Alliance, USA, 1981)


What a scorcher this 7″ by SALVATION ARMY is! Released on New Alliance Records, who brought you nothing bit essential records in their prime time, this one gets a bit overlooked, methinks. Catchy as fuck Punk of the “KBD” type, much 60s feeling and a typical southern Cali finish. Shredding geetars and melodic vocals: If […]

WARHEAD- Cry of Truth 7"EP (selfproduced, Japan, 1991)


I used to trade records with the singer Jun. All of a sudden he sent me this somehow surreal japanese HC 7″ from the early 90s: WARHEAD leave me speechless whenever I put this slab on. Tight, brutal, fast. The way it should be.This was re-released as far as I know. Fill us in with […]

LUZIFERS MOB- Discography (Repoman Records, Germany, 2006)


Don’t remember how I got to receive LUZIFERS MOB 7″EP back in 1993, cause I wasn’t interested in contemporary music of the time anymore. But I do remember very well how irritated I was when I played the sucker. The chaotic, violent atmosphere and the bizarre lyrics impressed me quite a bit. I mean, the […]