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CONTRAZIONE / FRANTI- Split LP (selfproduced, Italy, 1984)

cover scans curently down A split LP that gathered two bands with a different musical approach, in order to take down certain barriers that were set up highly still in the earlier days of HC.
Most of you will know CONTRAZIONE from “Sbarre” which was featured on the essential PEACE WAR double LP (Rradical Records) and FRANTI are known for a unique blend of Punk, Folk, Experimental and Jazz (they have a great Double CD compiling the bands musical work with some great material).
This Split LP has a lot more to offer in terms of variety than their contemporaries had; maybe that’s why these bands were often regarded as outsiders. I’m sure though that at least the thrash songs will be fancied quite a bit by the occassional italian HC fanatic. But I’d suggest that you try and dig yourself into both bands, it’s really worth it. And don’t get put off by the first CONTRAZIONE song; it’s definately the weakest of theirs and definatly not a good starter. The FRANTI side is spectacularly good, though not for the impatient listeners! Crazy how so talented musicians with such a unique way of putting feelings of desperation and fragility into their work, could vanish just like that. “Gate of Eden” is a Bob Dylan song, as you will probably know. It’s actually not on the tracklist on the label.

CONTRAZIONE had a full LP a while after this, with more experimental stuff, but all delivered in the same anger and power italian HC is known for. Said LP actually is pressed onto the thinnest vinyl I’ve ever seen – it’s more like a 12″ Flexi than what you’d call an LP. Might be giving it a featurre here soon, cause it is, like this, very hard to find.

Whoever has the insert to this split LP, please get in touch. Thanks! PS: Thanks Imants for the scans of the booklet!

CONTRAZIONE: Cieli rossi sull’europa.mp3
CONTRAZIONE: Metropoli.mp3
CONTRAZIONE: A sudi di torino.mp3
CONTRAZIONE: Condannato.mp3
CONTRAZIONE: Sbarrre.mp3
CONTRAZIONE: Voci negate.mp3
FRANTI: 1984 / GGate of Eden.mp3
FRANTI: Questa e l’ora.mp3
FRANTI: Quesiti da sciogliere.mp3
FRANTI: Voghera.mp3
FRANTI: Prete, croce, sedia e morte.mp3
FRANTI: Io nella notte (Live 17/12/1983).mp3