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KLEENEX- s/t 7"EP (Sunrise, 1978, Switzerland)

A german saying goes: If you never were a Marxist when you were still young, you ain’t got no heart. If you’re still a Marxist, you ain’t got no brains.
Let me say: If you never loved KLEENEX, you ain’t got neither, not now and not in the future.
Four young women coming together in the boiling but not yet errupting Zurich of the late 1970s, releasing 2 7″s (well, sort of 3), before being forced to change the band name due to copyright issues. Then the gals named themselves LILIPUT, another great band name, released 3 more 7″s (one of them is to be found on this very blog), two LP’s before calling it a day. And you know what? The band was as original, fresh and untamed in the end as it was in the beginning.

This debut 7″ was released in Switzerland first, before London’s “Rough Trade” picked it up and re-released it with two songs left out and a b&w cover. Here’s the full glory for you. One of the few moments in musical history that might change your life, if it hasn’t already.

Ain’t you.mp3
Hedi’s Head.mp3