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Monthly Archives: April 2007

SPIT- Road Pizza 12"EP (NTS, USA, 1988)


I can smell it – brutal Noise Rock with quite a bit Industrial flair is the next big retro thing coming. Since I always wanted to be hip and à jour, here’s my contribution. SPIT were a one man project and spat out some fantastic driving, bass-driven mayhem. Much in the BIG BLACK vein. Aggressive […]

DARK ANGEL- We have arrived, c/w Merciless Death 7" Shape (Azra Records, USA, 1986)


And this goes out to the headbangers and rivetheads, hellraisers and beerguts: DARK ANGEL were one of the most impressing Speed / Thrash Metal band from the almost-first wave, although for me, their fame only lasted one album long, and that was the incredibly aggressive and haunting “We have arrived” LP (released in both the […]

D.O.A.- The Prisoner, c/w Thirteen 7" (Quintessence Records, Canada, 1978)


My good friend Peter recently posted D.O.A.’s “WW3″ 7” over at his blog – and that made me think of following up by posting the argueably best D.O.A. 7″. Check the other blog for all the relevant info and my own personal bit in the comments section. Meanwhile – enjoy this with a slower version […]

NEUROOT- Right is Might 7"EP (SM, Holland, 1985)


You know, when you get older, you sometimes forget what it was, that attracted you to the vitalism and urgency of HC in the first place. Though this came out after my HC infection, it amazed me as much then as it does now. NEUROOT just rip shit up. Such intensity, mainly coming from the […]

LAST RIGHTS- Chunks, c/w So ends our Night 7" (Taang Records, USA, 1984)


First off: Big sorry for not posting something new sooner. I’m currently drowning in work. And while we’re at it: comments and emails asking for “upload this and upload that” (most of them don’t even say “please”) will be ignored.So here we have some boyscout shit finally. I don’t know, tell me what you want, […]

CONTRAZIONE / FRANTI- Split LP (selfproduced, Italy, 1984)


cover scans curently down A split LP that gathered two bands with a different musical approach, in order to take down certain barriers that were set up highly still in the earlier days of HC. Most of you will know CONTRAZIONE from “Sbarre” which was featured on the essential PEACE WAR double LP (Rradical Records) […]

KLEENEX- s/t 7"EP (Sunrise, 1978, Switzerland)


A german saying goes: If you never were a Marxist when you were still young, you ain’t got no heart. If you’re still a Marxist, you ain’t got no brains. Let me say: If you never loved KLEENEX, you ain’t got neither, not now and not in the future. Four young women coming together in […]

E-13- No Mercy for Swine 7"EP (Fatal Erection Records, USA, 1984)


If there would be justice in rock’n’roll …. but unfortunatly, E-13 (or the label, run by POISON IDEA members Jerry and Pig) decided to print a mere 300 copies of this smoking EP and even among HC enthusiasts, this babe remains quite unknown. On the other hand, this allowed the label to stamp print the […]