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MOURNING NOISE- s/t 7"EP (Nightlatche, USA, 1982)

This is a s close as it gets sounding like early MISFITS! Very great albeit totally unoriginal speedy Punk with that special goofy horror taste. My faves would be “Dawn of the Dead” with some killer organ sounds, the hardcore-ish “Fighting chance” and “Addiction”. And “Laser Lights” is great for having a very bizarre mixture of Punk, 50ies Sci-Fi-movies sounds and a country & western guitar solo. MOURNING NOISE prove that you don’t have to be original to be good (though it helps).
The band also had one or two tracks on “Hardcore takes over”, a hard to find live comp. LP of which I, unfortunately, only have the 2nd volume. Anybody cares to rip vol. 1?

This is rumored to be featuring an ex-MISFITS member. Fact is, it has Bobby Steele doing some “special effects” and that’s it. With drummer Steve zing it however features a future SAMHAIN member.

Dawn of the Dead.mp3
Fighting Chance.mp3
Laser Lights.mp3
Demon Eyes.mp3


  1. Anonymous

    impressive! never heard of this before. why mongo rock??????


    Posted on 29-Mar-07 at 05:26 | Permalink
  2. Slobodan Burgher

    Kind of always wanted to like this band but it always comes down to the fact that beyond Dawn of the Dead which is a clearly a killer track most of the rest of it is a bit lacking.

    Sadly i think the same goes for the Undead – a band that I theoretically should like but for some reason it doesn’t grab me…

    I think there’s a Mourning Noise CD which has the band’s complete discography i.e. some 15 studio tracks or so + a live recording with pretty much same songs and it sounds like its only 10 people in audience, friends mostly (if that makes any sense) – but i can be mistaken.

    I’d say check out the Misfits Central esp. the forum for more info.

    I like the rip though – good sound quality! As always I should add…


    Posted on 29-Mar-07 at 06:59 | Permalink
  3. Slobodan Burgher

    That would be here:


    Posted on 29-Mar-07 at 07:00 | Permalink
  4. Peter - Punks for profit

    Dawn Of The Dead is great. Fighting Chance has cool break into the faster parts but then it gets to much Oi! for me. About the Hardcore Takes Over Vol.1 I have it but it’s not a live LP as far as I can remember. That LP has some good tracks on it so I might rip it.


    Posted on 29-Mar-07 at 07:39 | Permalink
  5. Peter -

    Ha ha sorry it might be Vol. 2 I have :). Just looked at a picture of it.


    Posted on 29-Mar-07 at 07:41 | Permalink
  6. Curious Guy

    Found some info on the 1st Dirt Comp. It has 12 bands that appeared in the Dirt Club in New Jersey. Bands are The Numbers, The Shakes, The Bounce, Smithereens, Shrapnel, The Colors, Modulators, The Groceries, Transformer, Abstracts, The Whynos and Zap & The Wires. Most bands I never heard of.
    2nd release on Dirt Records is an LP of The Colors. The ‘Hardcore Takes Over’is the 3rd release. There’s indeed good stuff on it.


    Posted on 29-Mar-07 at 08:21 | Permalink
  7. Oliver

    Have to agree with Slobodan Burgher above — always wanted to like this band (& The Undead), never could. I’ve always wanted to like horror punk in general, but so much of it is crap. The best, to me, was always early L.A. death rock and of course The Cramps and Misfits.

    I guess you’ve seen that in the 1980s 5150 also did some stuff in this vein/.


    Posted on 29-Mar-07 at 09:11 | Permalink
  8. Erich

    Thanks for the link, Oliver. I used to have both 5150 7″ but was dumb enough to sell them ages ago. the 2nd 7″ is great!


    Posted on 29-Mar-07 at 09:13 | Permalink
  9. Jeff J Jawk

    FUCK YES. Thanks for this!


    Posted on 30-Mar-07 at 19:24 | Permalink
  10. Anonymous

    I knew these dudes so I can fill in some blanks; Before becoming Mourning Noise they were called The Implosions. Their Misfits style was due to the fact that they practiced around the corner from where The Misfits did in Lodi, NJ.
    Guitarest Tommy K later joined the NJ hardcore band, BEDLAM (Buy Our Records). Previous to Mourning Noise he also played in a pre-Adrenalin OD band (and continued to play in various side projects with them).
    The reissue is on Grand Theft Audio, and the live tracks on that come from a performance on WFMU.
    The Hardcore Takes Over compilation was a bit of an oddity, since the club that financed it (The Dirt Club) didn’t allow hardcore bands to play there for a period of time.
    The photo on the comp is of Harpo and Andy (who were in the band New Jersey’s Finest). Andy later played with Pleased Youth, and is still in Niblick Henbane.
    One of the Mourning Noise songs on the comp (“Progress For the People”) was a cover by the previously mentioned pre-AOD band (The East Paterson Boy’s Choir).


    Posted on 31-Mar-07 at 05:57 | Permalink
  11. Erich

    Thanks much for all the worthwhile info, anonymous!


    Posted on 31-Mar-07 at 06:51 | Permalink
  12. Anonymous

    I love early Misfits, so I think it’s impossible not to like this, despite its lack of “originality”. Lots of bands have the same debt with Minor Threat, and nobody’s complaining.

    PD: I pointed to this post in a list I made for rateyourmusic, I hope you won’t mind.


    Posted on 18-Apr-07 at 01:40 | Permalink
  13. sickie

    sorry this is fuckin’ awful


    Posted on 15-Oct-07 at 17:39 | Permalink
  14. elliott

    this is pretty good horror shit and at just the right time of year.


    Posted on 23-Oct-09 at 17:44 | Permalink
  15. Nathan

    Would you be able to Upload Hardcore Takes over vol. 2?


    Posted on 07-Aug-12 at 00:20 | Permalink
  16. Nathan.G

    Thanks for this pretty thing – now I can see with demon eyes!!


    Posted on 08-Aug-12 at 02:26 | Permalink

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