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heavy-metal2j.jpgSome fellow bloggers (from the honorable Something I learned today and Last Days of Man blogs) recently had their first Podcasts and I enjoyed them quite a bit. So here’s mine.
BEHOLD THE SECRET OF STEEL features what I felt like ripping from my Metal collection. I didn’t follow a concept really, I tried to focus on bands that I either knew personally or saw live back in the days of long hair. So things are quite mixed up stylisticly. The rougher stuff will scratch along the genre of Power Metal / Thrash Metal (Overkill and Nasty Savage namely). The time frame is roughly the one from the late 70s to the mid 80s. Metalheads will of course know all of these songs, they’re all considered classic in one way or another.

This time, we have real Metal. No Punk shit, no HC crap – just good ol’HM, sometimes cheesy (Medieval Steel), heartwarmingly naive (Acid), not of this earth (Trouble), lucid and sinister (Nasty Savage) or politically charged (Trust).
So get your airgeetars ready and bang your head!!

Download Podcast (1’01”, 85.6 MB)

1. Intro / BITCHES SIN: Strangers on the Shore (UK, 1980)
2. OSTROGOTH: Full Moon Eyes (Belgium, 1984)
3. FLYTE: Oh for the Brains of a Ludwig (UK, 1983)
4. NASTY SAVAGE: Unchained Angel (USA, 1984)
5. ACID: America (Belgium, 1983)
6. TRUST: Antisocial (France, 1980)
7. OVERKILL: Overkill (USA, 1984)
8. MANILLA ROAD: Necropolis (USA, 1983)
9. WARLORD: Deliver us (USA, 1983)
10. SAVAGE GRACE: Too young to die (USA, 1983)
11. MEDIEVAL STEEL: Medieval Steel (USA, 1984)
12. JAG PANZER: Harder than Steel (USA, 1984)
13. ANGEL WITCH: Baphomet (UK, 1979)