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WRETCHED- Finira mai? 7"EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1983)

This is simply one of the most aggressive, blistering, chaotic and violent italian 7″ers ever. WRETCHED’s 3rd vinyl release, issued shortly before the band’s epic and unbeaten LP. You will know “Finira mai?” from the mighty “War – Peace” Compilation Doubledecker LP.
What can one say about WRETCHED? Back in the 80s not too many people cared about them. Never quite understood why, but that’s how it was. I wish I could say that they were an amazing live band, but I’m afraid I can’t. Sometimes memory works very nicely in putting things into a certain shape. With time, you’ll learn to recognize that.
There was a legit CD re-release of pretty much everything WRECHTED ever released (except for the first 7″, I think). Don’t know if it’s still available.

Ready for some adrenaline rush?

Mai arrendersi.mp3.mp3
Questa e’ la mia Vita.mp3
Finira’ mai?.mp3
Senza Fine.mp3
Nelle loro Mani.mp3