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SHOTGUN SOLUTION- Shotgun 7"EP (High Rise, Italy, 1983)

shotgun_front.jpgshotgun_back.jpgI’ve been neglecting you guys and gals lately, so here I’m making it up with Italy’s SHOTGUN SOLUTION. A band of which I know pretty much nothing. This is the only material I have by them and it’s fucking GREAT! You will notice that that first song, “Apocalypse”, recalls D.O.A’s “Prisoner” a bit. “Shotgun” is just fantastic, showing a lot of potential in terms of songwriting. The guitarist is obviously a metal guy, lots of wanking, especially on “IKYetc” – the guitar stuff actually sounds kinda AK-47ish and the song has a total AGENT ORANGE (dutch) feeling. Crazy shit like you’d only hear it from Japan otherwise. Anyway, a great, pretty obscure 7″ and thanks to me (applause) you get it for free again.
I’m really hating to leaving you with this short writeup, so please fill us in, hordes of hades (and google). I only could tell you that I just finished watching “American Hardcore” (the DVD), but I guess this is not the right moment. A sad movie.

Devil’s evl Tongue.mp3