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INDIGESTI- Promo 7"EP (BCT, USA, 1987)

indigesti_frontindigesti_back INDIGESTI need no introduction, I guess. Everybody knows or should know their split 7″ wth WRETCHED from late 1982 and the BCT cassette with all demos etc. In 1986, they released a very bizarre LP, “Osservati d’all inganno”. It’s really a strange listen (and the vinyl has the most deliciously looking color, kinda baby-blue, I’ve ever seen). It has a truly tense atmosphere, totally desperate and very “italian” sounding. Too bad this never got the fame it deserves. The LP has been re-issued, I think – keep your eyes open for it and buy it. It’s a must have and as nice as these downloads here may be – a real disk, in its materiality, is something completely different. People who only download music will never be able to actually get connected to the music. But what do I care. INDIGESTI were a crazy live band. My band played with them in 1987 in front of maybe 20 people.

indigesti_promoWhat you didn’t know is that BCT, who licensed the LP for the USA, pressed a promo 7″ with 5 LP songs. This 7″ was very limited and hard to find. It’s also on blue wax, but it’s the standard color you normally see.

Doppio Confronto (Double Confrontation).mp3
Diretto nel mio Sguardo (Straight in my Look).mp3
Dune (Dune).mp3
Dubbio legato (Tied up Doubt).mp3
Permissi nel Disagio (License in the Discomfort).mp3