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LILIPUT- Eisiger Wind, c/w When the Cat’s away then the Mice will play 7" (Off Course, Switzerland, 1980)

Greil Marcus’ darlings – LILIPUT (formerly known as KLEEENEX) were simply one of the most amazing and astounding bands ever. Incredibly creative, original and fresh, the four young women gave Punk a new shape (of which so little, if anything, has endured). Apart from the music which oscillates between anarchic irony and a very melancholic realism, LILIPUT (KLEENEX) knew what they did. Adopting elements from one of the most radical artistic avantgarde movements, they pushed limits – but were way before their time with it. The world simply wasn’t ready for this and nowadays it takes a lot of sensibility and maybe a bit of education and an aesthetic of the unusual to comprehend and enjoy LILIPUT.
The cover is one of the best I ever saw. What a great idea to ironically comment one of the icons of Dadaism, done by these gals who lived in the same city where the “Cabaret Voltaire” was born and sent waves of irritation throughout the world, by vocalizing the horror of World War 1 (and some other, less noble things too, but that’s another story).
There’s a Double CD which features all material by this band in both its incarnations on “Kill Rock Stars”. Get it!

Eisiger Wind.mp3
When the Cat’s away then the Mice will play.mp3