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LILIPUT- Eisiger Wind, c/w When the Cat’s away then the Mice will play 7" (Off Course, Switzerland, 1980)

Greil Marcus’ darlings – LILIPUT (formerly known as KLEEENEX) were simply one of the most amazing and astounding bands ever. Incredibly creative, original and fresh, the four young women gave Punk a new shape (of which so little, if anything, has endured). Apart from the music which oscillates between anarchic irony and a very melancholic realism, LILIPUT (KLEENEX) knew what they did. Adopting elements from one of the most radical artistic avantgarde movements, they pushed limits – but were way before their time with it. The world simply wasn’t ready for this and nowadays it takes a lot of sensibility and maybe a bit of education and an aesthetic of the unusual to comprehend and enjoy LILIPUT.
The cover is one of the best I ever saw. What a great idea to ironically comment one of the icons of Dadaism, done by these gals who lived in the same city where the “Cabaret Voltaire” was born and sent waves of irritation throughout the world, by vocalizing the horror of World War 1 (and some other, less noble things too, but that’s another story).
There’s a Double CD which features all material by this band in both its incarnations on “Kill Rock Stars”. Get it!

Eisiger Wind.mp3
When the Cat’s away then the Mice will play.mp3


  1. Anonymous

    from slaughter to liliput. man i love this blog!


    Posted on 20-Feb-07 at 16:12 | Permalink
  2. walter melon

    Erich, please tell us you were being sarcastic when you said this was one of the best covers you’d ever seen. Please


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 05:02 | Permalink
  3. Anonymous

    why? it’s a great cover! you may have never seen the original photo from the 1920s ….


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 05:39 | Permalink
  4. walter melon

    yes, I have it’s just that the way they appropriated it is so cutesy. Also the original picture has the suit as being kind of metalic looking, and here they just look like their in cardboard.
    I don’t mean to sound hateful, it’s a good idea in theory, but doesn’t have the same feeling as the original picture; it’s like whichever anarcho band it was that had a cover that was an “update” of Guernica. it works as an injoke and I guess that’s why you like it, but it’s not THAT great. It’s like some newwave band having the name of some 18th century playwrite in the title of their lp to LOOK intellectual, get what I mean? I do have to say those, I’d tolerate these people more than I would some tough-guy youth-crew dweebs


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 08:25 | Permalink
  5. Erich

    Walter – the original suits were made of cardboard too (for what it’s worth, though that’s a bizarre argument). In order to able to identify more of LILIPUT’s originality, it’d be helpful to read what Greil Marcus had to say aboout them (in “Lipstick Traces on a Cigarette – From Dadism to Punk” (quoting the title from my memory).


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 08:35 | Permalink
  6. walter melon

    You still don’t get what I’m saying, VISUALLY, how it LOOKS, in the original photograph is not re-created in the cover of the record.
    In the original Hugo Ball photograph, the suit LOOKS like something more than cardboard. In the Liliput photograph they just look like some goofballs playing with cardboard, in the Hugo Boss photo he is able to make the cardboard suit LOOK to be something more otherworldly than it really is. That’s the defining quality of the suit, to take something mundane and make it appear to be more. It’s based on perception. Liliput’s picture doesn’t have that quality. Now does that make sense?


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 10:57 | Permalink
  7. Anonymous

    all this talk about dada made me look it up on wikipedia to refresh my memory

    look up Tristan Tzara on wikipedia, he looks like he could front an emo band, really he had that look down cold
    way ahead of his time


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 11:07 | Permalink
  8. hdvns

    This is great. I think the cover is fun regardless. Are you going post the other song?


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 11:26 | Permalink
  9. Anonymous

    Yeah, those were the days when fantastic bands like Delta 5 and the Raincoats ruled the earth… Heavy metal thunder


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 12:27 | Permalink
  10. Anonymous

    I wonder if their panties are made of cardboard?


    Posted on 21-Feb-07 at 19:55 | Permalink
  11. Erich

    HDVNS: I think I’ll leave it this way. The other song is interesting, pretty arty, but I think I’ll better be posting some KLEENEX instead. Way way better!


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 02:21 | Permalink
  12. Anonymous

    this is getting too art faggy…
    quick! think of something punk…..

    got it!

    who would win in a fight to the death the singer to GISM or GG ALLIN?


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 06:00 | Permalink
  13. fish

    sakevi would kick gg’s fat shitty ass…………..and burn it


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 06:17 | Permalink
  14. hdvns

    Guess I’m just a completist. Kleenex stuff would be good. Then there could be debate about the beauty of their first 7″ cover!


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 11:46 | Permalink
  15. Anonymous

    both Skv and GG have small penises…


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 14:56 | Permalink
  16. Erich

    Having both, a small dick and a fat ass, I can’t see nothing wrong with it.


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 14:58 | Permalink
  17. popster

    Dada is this. Dada is that. Nonetheless dada is shit.

    – Tristan Tzara


    Posted on 22-Feb-07 at 22:11 | Permalink
  18. Anonymous

    so i guess Iggy wins all?


    Posted on 23-Feb-07 at 03:01 | Permalink
  19. Anonymous

    no wonder skv collects weapons huh?


    Posted on 23-Feb-07 at 03:04 | Permalink
  20. walter melon

    I don’t know who this SKV guy is, but I saw GG in 85ish and dont see what was so special about him.
    Frank Discussion of the Feederz was much scarier and actually played the whole set!
    Of course these two shows were years apart in different places and the audience reactions are gonna be different with different crowds, but still; the feederz actually scared me GG did not…
    GG was really DA DA though considering that he projected his inner child so well, what with the poo and all….


    Posted on 23-Feb-07 at 05:00 | Permalink
  21. Anonymous

    The reason GG ruled was because he was kind enough to throw his dookie at his adoring audience.


    Posted on 23-Feb-07 at 08:44 | Permalink
  22. the true believer

    I think Britney Spears has been posessed by the ghost of gg,

    shaved head? check. ugly tatoos? check. chronic substance abuse? check. next comes scat

    a full on American pig, just looking at her is like pressing your face in Rush Limbaugh’s armpit

    and Sloburger thought ABBA was bad

    you europeans have it lucky, here in America we have to deal with other Americans and that is not a nice trip

    everybody is all for Dadaistic behavior until it rears it’s frito powder smeared head….


    Posted on 23-Feb-07 at 23:38 | Permalink
  23. Anonymous

    I love this, so much. Thankyou.


    Posted on 28-Feb-07 at 02:41 | Permalink
  24. Anonymous

    I eat Kleenex for breakfast and use soft hygienic weetabix to dry my tears. (Poly Styrene dixit.)
    The Kill Rock Stars 2001 reissue is deleted or at least it was a couple years ago. This single also appeared in the UK (Rough Trade RT 062, feb ’81). Funny that they changed their name to Liliput when the Kleenex corp forced them to change their name… And yes, all their records’ sleeves are lovely. These girls were fantastic.



    Posted on 06-Mar-07 at 21:02 | Permalink
  25. Wow, Kleenex/Liliput are great, but this Eisiger Wind single just kicks… one of the best songs I’ve ever heard, really. Thanks for offering it here, and anyway: Thank for this blog — together with WMFU and Brotbeutel (I’m German, see) my favourite! Go on!


    Posted on 27-Feb-08 at 06:45 | Permalink
  26. leo unit

    eisiger wind absolutely tears it


    Posted on 06-Jan-09 at 21:24 | Permalink
  27. elliott

    “who would win in a fight to the death the singer to GISM or GG ALLIN?” this made me laugh. well gg is my favorite punk (or for that matter rock) singer so yeah. liliput rules! i kept hearing about kleenex/liliput so i figured it’s time to check it out. well i did. went out the next day i went to amoeba and got the double cd. thank you so much for turning me onto a great band. very creative band. i even like the really arty shit. and this adds to the theory that blogs help labels not hurt them.


    Posted on 29-Jun-10 at 11:14 | Permalink
  28. Roberto França

    Interesting to note that the tag on the song posted is “Black Metal”. Now, where did that come from? 😀


    Posted on 25-Dec-12 at 18:11 | Permalink

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