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SLAUGHTER- s/t 7"EP (Fringe / Diabolic Force, Canada, 1986)

slaughter_front.jpgslaughter_back.jpgSLAUGHTER came from Canada and released a couple of albums of which I only know the first one, “Strappado” (it has a photo of meself on the printed innersleeve). This 7″ was released simultaneously to promote the LP but things never really took off for Terry and his boys. This wouldn’t surprise me too much, now looking back, cause SLAUGHTER were just too raw and maybe copying Celtic Frost a bit too shamelessly (without adopting the latters ludicrous imagery, thank Gawd!). Historically, you have exactly the moment when Death Metal and (proto-)Grindcore tore everything apart: DEATH and GENOCIDE (REPULSION) had already escalated things and from there on, it could only disintegrate furthermore.
So enjoy this second best SLAUGHTER release after the bands inflamatory 2nd Demo, “Surrender or die”. The LP “Strappado” is very good too, but for music this primitive (and with such a sloppy drummer), the format just didn’t seem right.

However – enjoy this limited to 1000 copies promotional 7″EP for what it is: Great raw fucked up primitive aural butchery (of some sort).

Nocturnal Hell.mp3
One Foot in the Grave.mp3
Tortured Souls.mp3