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NYC MAYHEM- We stand 7"EP (Revoltation Records, UK, 1989) [Recorded 1985]

I told you before and I will tell you again: 1985 was a good year for extreme music. Not only did many bands polish up their sound by importing Metal or HC or other elements, or rather say, experiment with it – for a short moment, the whole HC thing seemed to be evolving in a wild, unpredicatable direction.
When NYC MAYHEM announced to release a 14 songs 7″ by early 1986, everybody got excited, cause the bands “Flesh of the Wench” Demo Tape from July 1985 was a bloody steamroller! Unfortunately, that 7″ never saw the light of day (though every once in a while you’ll hear somebody claiming to have have heard of somebody who has a brother of a girl who’s been married to the nephew of another guy who has heard of some guy who had a testpressing of it). With a bit of luck and the right connections, you’d be able to track down a cassette copy of the rough mix of this 7″, but the sound wasn’t too exciting.

I did make fun of the british Revoltation bootleg label and its notorious shortcomings in sound reproduction. I forgot that there are two exceptions: The enormous “Eat my Brain go insane” Compilation LP (with swedish demo-only material by ANTI-CIMEX, ASOCIAL etc. – and especially ASOCIAL’s “HC Holocaust” demo KILLS!!!). The other one is, you guessed it, NYC MAYHEM’s long lost “We stand” 7″EP! Although for whatever reason, the guys decided to leave off the instrumental intro track, this slab here RAGES!! Totally great fucking sound (I tried my best to cut out the usual Revoltation-background-hummings) and a serious kick in the stomach with hyper-hectic, lightning fast HC with some mosh parts that I can seriously relate to. NYC MAYHEM were around when the first generation had almost faded away and right before the Revelation boyscouts ruined the remainings of what was left of HC. By the way, this bootlegs label name, Revoltation, is of course a piss-take of Revelation.
Later that year 1986, NYC MAYHEM became STRAIGHT AHEAD and recorded the great demo tape you’ll find on the “End the Warzone” 7″comp. They had a 12″ about a year later but that one sucked. After it, lights went out for STRAIGHT AHEAD.

This bootleg is very hard to find. If I remind this correctly, there were only very few copies made.

1 – 2 – 3 – gooooooooo!

We stand.mp3
Fill out the Form.mp3
Epileptic Death.mp3
Life of Riley.mp3
Your Mind.mp3
Violent City.mp3
Want Authority.mp3