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JERRY’S KIDZ- s/t 7"EP (Test Site Records, USA, 1983)

I remember, when I drove through New Mexico in the winter of 1987, how strange it seemed to me to fence off the desert to the left and to the right of the highway. I was there with some friends of mine – we drove from Texas to Los Angeles and the pictures of Albuquerque and indian reservations (in the form of gambling halls and fast food stops) left a lasting impression. When Rudy D. B., who had native american parents and was a total HC and noise maniac, visited me in the early 90s, these pictures would sometimes fade in the view of his face. Rudy grew up in one of them hopeless places they call reservations and due to the lack of alternatives, he joined the U.S. military forces to become mechanic. He changed places, ended up being stationed in Germany, where he got into HC of the rawer sort. I used to call him “wild man”, but in fact, he was a very polite and clever guy who was trying to find his way. Last thing I heard of him was, that he went to university to study theoretical physics and I hope, one day he will read this.

JERRY’S KIDZ were from New Mexico (hence the “z” instead of the “s”, if you know what I mean) and unfortunately only released this great 7″. What always amazed me is how this sometimes sounds very similiar in style to a band we often think of as totally unique – I’m speaking of REBEL TRUTH, of course. Same dry sound (though more powerful here!), same weird riffing and kinda apathetic vocal style (at least in parts). Phenomenal!!!
There’s only little I can tell you about them other than the band’s singer David later joined CLOWN ALLEY who had a great demo tape and a phenomenal and totally underrated LP, called “Circus of Chaos” (same band also featured two later MELVINS members, if memory serves). The second pressing of this 7″ had a browwn sleeve, kinda oversized and a slightly different mastering. Only 500 were made of the 1st press, so here you go – enjoy some great almost obscured HC à l’américaine, made in Albuquerque, NM.

That’s Life.mp3
D.W.I..mp3 & Insanity.mp3

PS: During that trip, I took photos of feces in the desert. I still have some of those shit pix. Drop me a line if you want some.