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Monthly Archives: February 2007



Some fellow bloggers (from the honorable Something I learned today and Last Days of Man blogs) recently had their first Podcasts and I enjoyed them quite a bit. So here’s mine. BEHOLD THE SECRET OF STEEL features what I felt like ripping from my Metal collection. I didn’t follow a concept really, I tried to […]

WRETCHED- Finira mai? 7"EP (selfproduced, Italy, 1983)


This is simply one of the most aggressive, blistering, chaotic and violent italian 7″ers ever. WRETCHED’s 3rd vinyl release, issued shortly before the band’s epic and unbeaten LP. You will know “Finira mai?” from the mighty “War – Peace” Compilation Doubledecker LP. What can one say about WRETCHED? Back in the 80s not too many […]

SHOTGUN SOLUTION- Shotgun 7"EP (High Rise, Italy, 1983)


I’ve been neglecting you guys and gals lately, so here I’m making it up with Italy’s SHOTGUN SOLUTION. A band of which I know pretty much nothing. This is the only material I have by them and it’s fucking GREAT! You will notice that that first song, “Apocalypse”, recalls D.O.A’s “Prisoner” a bit. “Shotgun” is […]

INDIGESTI- Promo 7"EP (BCT, USA, 1987)


INDIGESTI need no introduction, I guess. Everybody knows or should know their split 7″ wth WRETCHED from late 1982 and the BCT cassette with all demos etc. In 1986, they released a very bizarre LP, “Osservati d’all inganno”. It’s really a strange listen (and the vinyl has the most deliciously looking color, kinda baby-blue, I’ve […]

Helge Schneider about Punks


Sorry for everybody who don’t speak finnish.

LILIPUT- Eisiger Wind, c/w When the Cat’s away then the Mice will play 7" (Off Course, Switzerland, 1980)


Greil Marcus’ darlings – LILIPUT (formerly known as KLEEENEX) were simply one of the most amazing and astounding bands ever. Incredibly creative, original and fresh, the four young women gave Punk a new shape (of which so little, if anything, has endured). Apart from the music which oscillates between anarchic irony and a very melancholic […]

SLAUGHTER- s/t 7"EP (Fringe / Diabolic Force, Canada, 1986)


SLAUGHTER came from Canada and released a couple of albums of which I only know the first one, “Strappado” (it has a photo of meself on the printed innersleeve). This 7″ was released simultaneously to promote the LP but things never really took off for Terry and his boys. This wouldn’t surprise me too much, […]

NYC MAYHEM- We stand 7"EP (Revoltation Records, UK, 1989) [Recorded 1985]


I told you before and I will tell you again: 1985 was a good year for extreme music. Not only did many bands polish up their sound by importing Metal or HC or other elements, or rather say, experiment with it – for a short moment, the whole HC thing seemed to be evolving in […]

JERRY’S KIDZ- s/t 7"EP (Test Site Records, USA, 1983)


I remember, when I drove through New Mexico in the winter of 1987, how strange it seemed to me to fence off the desert to the left and to the right of the highway. I was there with some friends of mine – we drove from Texas to Los Angeles and the pictures of Albuquerque […]