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Monthly Archives: January 2007

JACK & THE RIPPERS- No Desire, c/w I feel like a Tram 7" (Another Swiss Label, Switzerland, 1979)


That’s how I want my Powerpopunk! Switzie’s best. And yes – contrary to popular belief, the b-side smokes too. No Desire.mp3 I feel like a Tram.mp3

GASH- God is dead 7" (Reactor Records, Australia, 1986)


Take this as a counter-post to NO ALTERNATIVE with their hipppie bashing. GASH from “down under” (is Europe called “down under” in Australia?) had a bunch of releases and I couldn’t say that I ever felt the urge to keep those that stranded on my vinyl shores over the years. This one, bought last week […]

TOXIC REASONS- Kill by Remote Control LP (Sixth International Records, USA, 1984)


cover pix currently down I guess everybody is familar with TOXIC REASONS early work – for those of you who ain’t, go over to Something I learned today and check the band’s first 2 7″s, then go to Dressed for the H-Bomb for the third one, which was actually a euro tour promo thing. Never […]

NO ALTERNATIVE- s/t 7" (Subterranean Records, USA, 1980)


“You say that you want to change the world, so you go out on the street and smoke your dope, You tell me all your hippie problems, you tell me that you just can’t cope” – Fucking amazing HEAVY anti-cop punk shit from San Francisco’s NO ALTERNATIVE. It’s a pity they only had this 7″ […]

STRANGLEHOLD- Leisure tour ’84 7" (Taang / One Step, USA, 1984)


Music that is vital without being trivial, enjoyable but not flat, accessible while still keeping an ungrinded edge to it – that’s something you rarely find. (IMPATIENT) YOUTH to me always stood for a succcessfull walk on that line. “She’s not leaving” by Boston’s STRANGLEHOLD is another such hymn. The song is so damn hooky […]

CONFEDERATE- Surrender or Just Fight LP (Revenge Records, USA, 1983)


Old cover shots generelly missing due to server migration Yesterday, something incredible happened to me. I bought off about 70 rare HC and Punk records from a collector in my neighbourhood, whom I’ve known for a very long time. And it was a bargain! Among them, there was this one. Never heard of it before, […]

Minor Punk Rock Scams: BATTALION OF SAINTS- Second Coming LP (Nutrons Records, USA, 1984) vs Death R Us CD


photos currently down I was puzzled when I first saw “8 mm”. Handsome Joaquin Phoenix (“Walk the Line”) played a witty and very likable L.A. “punk” character that immediately reminded me strongly of somebody I had met only a few years earlier in the backyard of my house: Anthony, the singer from BATTALION OF SAINTS. […]

RODNEY BINGENHEIMER- Then I kissed her, c/w Let’s make the Scene 7" (Razor Records, USA, 1977)


After so much harsh stuff here on Good Bad Music, it’s time for a breather. RODNEY BINGENHEIMER was a famous Radio DJ in L.A. in the 70s and helped especially the numerous Posh Boy and SST acts to find a wider audience through his legendary “RODNEY ON THE ROQ” show. You will surely know the […]

STARK RAVING MAD- MX 12"EP (Slob Records, USA, 1984)


That was a good suggestion from Theun to run STARK RAVING MAD on this blog, and making it the follow up to The Insults makes sense, I guess.Well, I bought this when it came and couldn’t believe it. So incredibly hectic and aggressive! The DRI influence is obvious (check the “dedication” to Kurt and Eric […]