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Monthly Archives: January 2007

THE HOLLYWOOD SQUARES- Hillside Strangler! Restrangled LP (Rave Up Records, Italy, 2006)


I’ve been asked my opinion on this, so I ordered it from Italy and here we go. No need to go into details – we’ve had the HOLLYWOOD SQUARES 7″ on Goodbadmusic some time ago. Now what’s the deal with this LP?First off and unlike, say, that KORO thing, this LP has been carefully and […]

SUBHUMANS- No Wishes, no Prayers LP (SST Records, USA, 1983)


Will take my own snapshots of the cover later. This comes from the band’s official website.How come this LP by Canaduh’s SUBHUMANS, ‘though released on one of the world’s biggest indie labels, never saw a (official) 2nd pressing? Was it SST’s swing to a more college orientated catalogue from 84 on? Or was it Gerry […]

Short Intermission: "Several of my favorite new bands"


It’s wonderful to see how the music industry cares about blogs like this and also, how much work they put into their pr-campaigns. I seriously wonder: Which are the “new bands” that have become Anna’s new faves? Confuse? Fear Of God? Or Pandemonium? Let us know, Anna! Dear Erich, I am writing to you because […]

UXA- Illusions of Grandeur LP (Posh Boy Records, USA, 1981)


cover pix currently down Some axed for it and here we go: UXA’s one and only LP. From the Johnny Rotten-alike vocal style (“yyyyyyoooooaaarrr frreeedomm”) in the immortal “Paranoia is Freedom” to the post-punk desperation of “Death from above” and the hardcoreish “No Time”; this is one true landmark! “Innocent Bystander” is so damn gloomy […]

V/A UTREG PUNX- Compilation 7"EP (Rock Against, Holland, 1980)


Here’s the first (?) dutch punk and (proto-) hc 7″ comp, UTREG PUNX. What can I say? A little gem, primitive and hard hitting hits only, in my humble opinion. Especially the manic NOXIOUS do it to me with the over the top vocals and an overall intensity that reminds heavily on italian bands of […]

CHAOS / SICK- Split 12"EP (Off Course Records, Switzerland, 1979)


This Split 12″ shows the difference between good bad and bad bad music. I wish this had been released as a one sided 12″ or 7″ with the CHAOS songs only. Totally classy crazy, kinda wound up KBD-Punk at its best! CHAOS were from Austria and I think, this was the band’s only release, apart […]

HORROR PLANET- Cow Pies from Hell 7"EP (selfproduced, USA, 1985)


You know, the problem with posts like this is, that they’ll eat up the blog in the end. There aren’t that many obscure HC and Punk records left, and now there’s one less that awaits resurrection. And here we have, methinks, an extraordinarily great piece of plastic by NY’s HORROR PLANET! On a decriptive note, […]

5051- s/t 7"EP (Bias Music, USA, 1982)


Another one I’ve never really cared to get, until I bought it last week for 8$. 5051 is one of the obscurer ’82 bands, though popular among collector scum. I don’t really know much to say about 5051, other than they were from San Diego and rumor has it there’s an unreleased LP in the […]

THE LEWD- Kill yourself 7"EP (Scratched Records, USA, 1978)


First heard “Kill yourself” by THE LEWD on the KBD series. Sure, this is not as good as the LP, but how could you compare? Whereas this is definately a raunchy punk record (recorded when the band was located in Seattle still), “American Whino” was a paranoid chant, full of lustful hatred and buzzsawin geetar. […]

CONFUSE- Nuclear Addicts Flexi 7"EP (Blue Jug Records, Japan, 1984)


CONFUSE from Japan were the shit back in the day. Their records, particularly this Flexi Disc, were hard to find and there was some kind of aura shining around them. No wonder, since especially this babe still stands up there in the glory hall of primitive distorted noise (pdn). What else can you say? That […]