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WARDS- The World ain’t pretty and neither are we 7"EP (selfproduced, USA, 1983)

wards_front.jpgwards_back2.jpgAnd here’s Tony’s request cause he wanted to have a quality rip of the WARDS mighty debut.
When I received a package, containing this 7″, the follow-up and the “Ripped off in boston” Demo tape, I couldn’t believe it: The band said they had problems in getting rid of the stuff, thus offering a massive price reduction. Not long did I hesitate and ordered a bunch of the 7″s which I sold in no time for like 3$ each.

The first 7″ is just perfect snotty punky HC of the deluxe class. What I especially like is that the slow songs too are kept short. “Weapon’s Factory” is phenomenal, but the version on the 2nd 7″ is even better. Get it from Peter “the little coward” KBD. Now download this and when playing, look through something transparent of deep blue, because that’s the color of the wonderful vinyl. And read more (yet more??) about the WARDs here.

Weapon’s Factory.mp3
Six O’Clock.mp3
Weapon’s Factory.mp3
Santa’s Cadillac.mp3
In this World.mp3