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WARDS- The World ain’t pretty and neither are we 7"EP (selfproduced, USA, 1983)

wards_front.jpgwards_back2.jpgAnd here’s Tony’s request cause he wanted to have a quality rip of the WARDS mighty debut.
When I received a package, containing this 7″, the follow-up and the “Ripped off in boston” Demo tape, I couldn’t believe it: The band said they had problems in getting rid of the stuff, thus offering a massive price reduction. Not long did I hesitate and ordered a bunch of the 7″s which I sold in no time for like 3$ each.

The first 7″ is just perfect snotty punky HC of the deluxe class. What I especially like is that the slow songs too are kept short. “Weapon’s Factory” is phenomenal, but the version on the 2nd 7″ is even better. Get it from Peter “the little coward” KBD. Now download this and when playing, look through something transparent of deep blue, because that’s the color of the wonderful vinyl. And read more (yet more??) about the WARDs here.

Weapon’s Factory.mp3
Six O’Clock.mp3
Weapon’s Factory.mp3
Santa’s Cadillac.mp3
In this World.mp3


  1. Anonymous

    ah fanks for this! your rips are incredible!!!


    Posted on 31-Jan-07 at 12:58 | Permalink
  2. Anonymous

    Yeah great!


    Posted on 31-Jan-07 at 14:48 | Permalink
  3. Anonymous

    tried to post a comment yesterday but it didn’t work all day long ….

    anyway, thanks a lot for this. it was new to me and i’m really surprised how GOOD it is!

    freddie steady


    Posted on 02-Feb-07 at 00:17 | Permalink
  4. Dave

    Please rip the cassette.


    Posted on 02-Feb-07 at 07:02 | Permalink
  5. Smthng2Do



    Posted on 02-Feb-07 at 07:54 | Permalink
  6. Anonymous

    Erich, thanks again for posting this for me! This EP is so good and I have listened to it so much in the past year- great vocal style, crisp guitar noodling. “Greens” and “6 O’Clock News” are my favorite tunes on it. Cool too that they were from Vermont, which is so not a hotbed of classic punk bands. I like this better than their 2nd EP and better than the “Ripped Off In Boston” cassette. Although both of those are good too. The cassette is more HC and less punk. The Kill From The Heart site has a nice writeup about the band. I think I remember reading somewhere else one time that one of the Wards actually worked in a weapon factory in Vermont (yikes!).

    – TONY in Chicago


    Posted on 02-Feb-07 at 09:42 | Permalink
  7. Anonymous

    ripped off in boston is the shit! but this is the best WARDS youll hear. the blue vinyl kicks ass.


    Posted on 02-Feb-07 at 13:13 | Permalink
  8. Anonymous

    You’re right, Peter Swedenhammar is a punk ass coward!


    Posted on 02-Feb-07 at 18:07 | Permalink
  9. Anonymous

    “the little coward” here, “genEricH” on KBD. Is it a joke?


    Posted on 03-Feb-07 at 04:28 | Permalink
  10. Slobodan Burgher

    Thanks I like this band, duuude…


    Posted on 05-Feb-07 at 02:58 | Permalink
  11. Anonymous

    Thanks Erich for deleting that last abominable comment. There’s a limit to everything


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 04:12 | Permalink
  12. Erich

    Definately, anonymous, definately.


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 04:22 | Permalink
  13. Anonymous

    never heard em before this, but this is killer. id love to hear that tape. thanks again……..


    Posted on 07-Feb-07 at 07:14 | Permalink
  14. froesi

    can anyone give me some of the lyrics?
    i would like to know what is “in this world” is about.


    Posted on 21-Aug-07 at 01:28 | Permalink
  15. Anonymous

    thanks a lot for all the wards stuff, great rips!


    Posted on 08-Dec-07 at 02:47 | Permalink
  16. Hey, I was gonna download it, since you made it sound pretty badass, but I see there’s one track (Greens) who’s link is missing. Is there a chance of getting that track?


    Posted on 18-Jan-08 at 14:15 | Permalink
  17. Ricardo

    yeah, I was wondering if I can get the track “Greens” from someone. The Wards aren’t new to me but man, your rips are absolutely amazing. Can someone email that track? (2 underscores)… I’m begging you… thanks


    Posted on 02-Feb-08 at 23:43 | Permalink
  18. thanks alot, I love these guys.


    Posted on 28-Sep-08 at 17:54 | Permalink
  19. Levi Johnston

    Erich, I usually write antagonist statements (I was born hostile and a critic) and you rightfully called me an asshole on KBD. There is a union campaign at my work that is going to be crushed by high-powered lawyers. If my non-existent comrades could write pro-union statements to the owner at, it would be appreciated. I have never had time for metal because I am all about the class war. 🙂 Fight back! Of course, I know this plea is deserving of derision, lots of derision! Strike, Strike, Strike!


    Posted on 21-Jul-10 at 05:31 | Permalink
  20. Jason

    Thanks! Awesome! …but where is the “greens” track? …and why is “weapons factory” up twice? Anyone? …Anyone?


    Posted on 14-Aug-10 at 02:36 | Permalink

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