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MEDIEVAL- All Knobs to the right Demo Tape (USA, 1984)

medieval_cover.jpgmedieval_tape.jpgIsn’t blogging a nice thing? I just had posted my want list on the main page, when I received an email, offering me some original demo tapes. Thanks so much Dave! And now I’m passing one of the pearls onto you.

I was living in a shitplace myself, out of time, out of place, when in 1984, I ordered the second MEDIEVAL demo after I had heard the band’s immense theme song on “Metal Massacre IV”. One must say that this was and is the sound of the province, in a good sense. Dirty, raw, simple and with an original twist. I could relate to the songs immediately. Sure, my bike was a only a small moped and back then, it took one beer to knock me off my socks. But hell, MEDIEVAL with their regular guy looks and kinda laid back force, roaring like a heavy machine, were the shit!
Unfortunately, over the years I had lost or given away many of my original tapes, among them was this babe (I kept the 2nd one and the Mini-LP). So bloody happy I got this back after 20 years!!!

Although MEDIEVAL became notorious for a very sludgy, doomy sound (Bob M. of “Kick Ass” called it “Sludge Metal”) when they released the Mini-LP and the LP, this demo still has much of a Punk’s drive. Great uptempo parts mixed with crushing molten metal (haha) and perfect vocals. What is especially great is the overall 70s feeling and the bluesy bits and parts – that’s the way I wanna roll my rock and I will be damned if some of you out there won’t fall in love with this Mot├â┬Ârheadian bikers soundtrack. Grab a beer, light a fag and enjoy! And pay the band a visit! They have a great website there with audio files and all.

Hell is full.mp3
All Knobs to the Right.mp3
Black Assasssin.mp3
All I got.mp3
Burnt Fuck
Blood and Anger
World War IV.mp3

I can’t leave you without this (from the first demo, appeared on “Metal Massacre IV”, where I ripped it from):