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PLAGUE- Just say no 7"EP (selfproduced, USA, 1987)

I saw that Slobo has requested this in every known blog of the universe. Here you go, with PLAGUE’s debut 7″. 6 (7 kind of) rough HC songs, much like Poison Idea and with a singer who sounds like the guy in Seizure (“All hail the fucking System” 7″).

I think the first song is fab and the LP is really strong, a bit more focussed, but this is still a nice piece of Ohio (of all places) Hardcore.
As you can see on the pix, I used to do anyything to make 7″s fit in storage boxes. Here, I tried the simple technique of folding. On the Urban Waste 7″ for instance, I went for cutting the rop of the sleeve – same on The Abused 7″.

Losing my Mind.mp3
Unplanned by the System.mp3
Rat in a Maze.mp3
City Life.mp3
The Pit.mp3
Johnny’s Brain.mp3